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Interview With Pinoy Hoops' Rafe Bartholomew

Pinoy Hoops' Rafe Bartholomew talks about what it takes for a Pinoy to make it in the NBA, his journey from author to host, and other basketball stuff!
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 23, 2013
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The first episode of Pinoy Hoops, the National Geographic documentary about the Filipino passion for basketball, premiered last Monday, October 21. And the response of the Filipino viewers was yet another resounding nail in the coffin labeled "Yes, Pinoys are hoops-obsessed."   A post that Pinoy Hoops host, Rafe Bartholomew, shared on his Facebook wall--a post that Facebook user Katrin Maria Ecsay originally posted--served as proof:

"To those who watched #PINOYHOOPS on the National Geographic Channel Philippines on Monday, thanks so very much!!! You made us trend NATIONWIDE on twitter!!! For those who missed it, replays are on Sat 8PM; Sun 2:50AM, 10:20AM, 4:25PM. New episode on Monday at 9PM! It's about #Ginebra, #TnT, #Jaworski and the #PBA !!! Don't miss it!"

The twitterati is on-board this bouncing train, so our question is, "Nag Pinoy Hoops ka na ba, pre?" Details of the next episode, as well as replays of the old one are already above. If you want more details about the show, and our take on it, you can read our review here.

In line with that, today, we're sharing our interview with Rafe. Here, he'll be talking about the experience of transitioning from being a mostly behind-the-scenes book writer to an on-screen figure; how the show is different from the book Pacific Rims; why he thinks there are so many basketball courts in the Philippines; and why this year's Gilas Pilipinas victory over South Korea in the FIBA games also meant so much for him.

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