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Interview with Pitik

<p>The hardest, heaviest kind of <em>pitik </em>you ever will experience</p>
| Mar 11, 2010
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There was a game we played when we were kids, which involved the clever manipulation of a couple of our fingers to manufacture  potential energy, which would then be unleashed like a mini-whip, stinging the arm or ear of an unsuspecting classmate. [firstpara] Done right, it could be downright painful. And it was called a pitik.

Know what other things are called pitik? A kind of insanity, as per: May pitik. When someone has finally snapped as in, pumitik na siya. And this band from the southern lands that is Alabang.

Pitik happens to share the name with the aforementioned sadistic habit. We first saw them live at The Place Formerly Known as Embassy (Encore), and basically the gist of it is that, we were impressed with what these fellas laid down on the table.

Remember we said that a pitik done right could be downright painful? Well, these boys rocked alright on that night, and it was downright awesome.

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But hey, don't take our word for it; just check out this video we plucked fresh off of Youtube. Of course, the sound quality of the video might not be the best, so we'd suggest you catch them in one of their gigs, or snag their album.

They've just recently released their independently-released, self-titled, debut album, with their single Lantad already on the airwaves of NU 107.




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