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<p><em>FHM </em>nabs an exclusive with the elusive dance group from the US!</p>
| Sep 3, 2009
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You've all heard about t he Jabbawockeez, yes? The dance group from the US with Pinoy members? The be-masked group who danced with Shaquille O'Neal at the NBA All-Stars 2009? FHM nabbed an exclusive interview with them boys right before they came over! That's right, the Jabbawockeez are in town! Familiarize yourselves with them Jabbawockeez before they jabbfy you. [firstpara]

How did Jabbawockeez start?
Kevin Brewer:
Jabbawockeez was officially formed in San Diego in 2003. It was born out of the need for us to express ourselves through music on our own terms, an outlet for us to be creative. Jabbawockeez was formed in a very organic way. We were a bunch of homiers that freestyled with eath other all the time.

Joe Larot: There were eight original members: Randy, Gary [Kendall], Ryan, Chris [Gatdula], Rainen [Paguio], Joe [Larot], Phil [Tayag], Keibee [Brewer]. Ryan was young and moved away with his family. After our debut, we added Saso [Jimenez] and Eddie [Gutierrez]. In 2004, we met Phil through a show in LA and battled him in the crew. The last member to be battled in was Ben [Chung]. We've all been friends through the dance community for years.

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And the name?
I found the name Jabberwocky from Lewis Carol (author of Alice in Wonderland). When I saw it, I thought it would be a dope name for a crew. The way that it is spelled now is a combination of ideas.

What do you call your kind of dancing?
Well, I'm not sure what I would call my style or the group's style of dancing. It comes from a lot of history and experience. Right now, if I had to give it a name, I would call it MDA. You know how there's MMA that is Mixed Martial Arts? Well, MDA would be Mixed Dancing Arts. We take everything we learn from the art of dancing and movement.

Dancing isn't exactly the most natural thing for a guy. How did you get into dance?
You're joking, right? Dudes have danced all through out history. Dancing is a human thing, it's a form of art that God gifted to people. How I got into dancing was my relationship with music. Music—root word 'muse'—is what inspires the dance. When I hear music, the only natural thing for me to do is move with it. I've been dancing since I was very young. I had to go by Michael Jackson, of course, my older cousins, dance videos and movies like Breakin' and Beat Street. I didn't have access to a dance studio, I only had my parents' garage.

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