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Janno Gibbs—Jan-Feb 2002

The acclaimed crooner and comedian on vanity, macho dancing, and his plan to become a ‘D.O.M.’

| Feb 15, 2000
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Are you funny away from the spotlight?
I’m actually a letdown. That’s what others think. People tell me, “O, why aren’t you funny?” Sagot ko,“Ano’ng gusto ninyo, magpa-funny faces ako? [firstpara] Gusto ninyo habang nag-uusap tayo, nakaduling ako? (Co-host and longtime friend) Ogie Alcasid is funny. I’m more like Michael V. He and I are artistas eh. You give us material and we’ll be funny. 

I met Michael V. a couple of years ago. He was funny.
Baka funny-looking. I personally think of myself as a sex symbol kasi. So it’s very hard for me to project hilariously because that’s not what I see in the mirror. 

What do you consider the sexiest part of your body then, Mr. Sex Symbol?
It’s not just my body. I think when you talk about my sexiness, you talk about the whole package and the aura I exude. I think
that’s what’s sexy about me. My overconfidence is sexy.

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When did you first realize you were sexy? When the girls started flirting with me. When I started getting in trouble with my wife (laughs).
How do you know girls are flirting with you? When they’re unusually nice. When they flash their bodies biglaan sa harap ko. So nasha-shock na lang ako. Of course, I turn and look away.

Who’s sexier—you or your dad (Ronaldo Valdez)?
He’s more guwapo, yes, but when you talk about being sexy, no contest—it’s me.

You have a habit of shopping for clothes on the Net. How fashionista are you?
Clothes are my weakness. In one SOP episode, I usually have three to five outfits. I’m known to really dress up for my concerts. And I can get away with a lot of things, like wearing skirts and fancy belts.

Any particular brand, style, color, or fabric?
I love everything about Italian clothes—their fabric, the fit, ibang-iba talaga.

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You also adore really nice boots. Is that because you’re vertically challenged like Prince?
That’s part of it. But wearing them jives with my character as a singer. I’m bordering on rock-glam kasi. Kaya kong magsuot ng fur, ng trenchcoat na may feathers. Makapal na mukha ko eh.

You think it’s unmacho to be vain?
I think vanity is part of being macho. But one has to know his limits always. Kasi beyond those limits ay kabadingan na. And that line shouldn’t be crossed.

Ever been tempted to cross that line though?
At times, I notice I’m crossing that line when I find myself getting too close to Ogie, or when I start staring at KC Montero while we’re having a macho conversation.

Since you seem to be an expert on fashion and grooming, maybe you could help other celebrities improve their aura too.

Okay. Kanino tayo magsisimula?

Ogie Alcasid.
Ogie. Probably lower the waist, lift the shoulders, have a whole facelift, change the hair color [at the time of this interview, Ogie’s hair was blond], wear platform shoes.

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