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Jomari Yllana—June 2001

The matinee idol on indecent proposals, marital spats and teaching Joyce Jimenez how to kiss

| Feb 1, 2000
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Did you try discouraging your wife Aiko from entering the dirty world of politics?
I’m the type who stands by what I say, so talagang pinag-isipan ko ito. It just took me quite some time to realize it was something that she really wanted to do. [firstpara]
Noong 1998, gusto na nga niyang tumakbo. But I felt then that it was a premature move. Masyado pa siyang bata, tapos very in-demand pa. This time, I supported her all the way. Ayoko namang ipagmaramot siya sa mga taong nangangailangan sa kanya.

During the campaign, how many times were you asked to be a godfather to a child you didn’t even know?
The voters actually wanted Aiko to be their kid’s ninang. They just wanted me to relay the invitation to her. I did the usual stuff during the campaign—kanta nang kaunti, pa-kamay-kamay, pa-pose-pose, pa-kiss-kiss.

You play a sales rep of a lingerie shop in your sitcom Kiss Muna. Are you an expert when it comes to buying lingerie for Aiko?

For some strange reason, I’ve always been good with that. Maybe it’s luck. But I’ve always had this knack for buying and choosing the right size, color, and style of lingerie that Aiko loves. She really loves lace.

In Diliryo, you played a devoted lover with a violent streak. How violent have your spats with Aiko been?

Luka-luka ang asawa ko! (laughs) My wife can be anything from very sweet to very mean to very kind. Through the years, I’ve learned so much about our relationship that I now know how to effectively deal with the situation.

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I’m the one who always apologizes first. Aiko’s very different. If you don’t know how to treat her the way she deserves to be treated, hindi kayo magkakasundo.

Despite your marital status, you’re still considered one of the hottest-looking actors in town. Do you get turned off when women throw themselves at you?
It all depends on how you handle them. I’ve always been very, very nice. But I stay away when I feel things are going way too personal, especially now that I’m married. Ayoko ng sakit ng ulo.

How many indecent proposals have you had from women and gays?
I don’t count them because they just come and go. I don’t want to mention what they want to offer and what they want in return. But I don’t snub them. Sometimes, I really am interested in what they want to say. Sinasakyan ko lang. Kung hindi ko na trip ang takbo ng usapan, umiiwas na ako.

Joyce Jimenez, your leading lady in Warat, credited you for teaching her how to kiss. How many “students” have you had?
I don’t know. (laughs) If I kiss a girl, one way or the other, she’d kiss the way I do. It’s hard to explain. Baka nagkakataon lang. I don’t tell a girl to kiss me the way I kiss her. It’s something that just happens naturally.

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Have you ever had a stalker?
The stalking has stopped now that I’m married. But a few years ago, there was this lady who was slightly older than I who’d always be at the places I frequented. She called me up a lot, too. Pero ayoko ng ganyan. Kailangan iwasan mo talaga. So I asked her to stop.

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