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International Model Kat Kelly Is One Smokin' Hot Cigar Roller

Getting to know this stunner will never be a bad habit
by Chise Alcantara | Jan 1, 2018
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Blame it on Hollywood brainwashing, but you can’t deny that there’s just something badass about smoking a cigar. Even cigar aficionado and licensed roller, entrepreneur, and professional model, Kat Kelly, can’t quite put into words what attracts her to men who enjoy a quality puff.

“There’s just something classy about a guy smoking a cigar. Whenever I see a guy smoking one, he’d look like Al Pacino in my head. I find cigars to be really awesome so maybe that’s why I got into this business.”

Kat has travelled all over the world thanks to her cigar rolling company.

“It’s called Cigar Bella. We do live cigar rolling for people who want entertainment and quality cigars at their events.”

She’s been in the business for over five years now and business is definitely booming. She’s hired five other models to help her out in events and they’re not just any models—Kat looks for certain qualities in each girl she hires. “Besides the given that they all have to be really hot, they have to be good with their hands, meaning I look for girls with backgrounds in arts like myself. I used to be a violinist before I got into modeling so I really prefer hiring girls who are into the arts as well. Knowing a bit of Spanish is a must too since cigar rolling is a Cuban art form. I’d like our service to be as authentic as possible.”

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As you guys can possibly tell, a lot of craftsmanship goes into cigar rolling, which Kat feels makes in an interesting and unique experience to witness. “You don’t even have to smoke. Just watching a professional roll a cigar is already really fun, well at least for me. Maybe that’s why I spent three months trying to learn how to do it and I’m still working on it even now.”

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Cigar smoking isn’t really popular in the Philippines and E.O. 26 (the one that deals with having designated smoking areas) doesn’t really help make it more accessible. “I actually had no idea that there was such a law here. I heard of a drinking ban but not a smoking one. That’s really a shame since you don’t really smoke cigars every day. They’re just for special occasions and at social events. Though, I kind of agree with banning cigarettes and vapes in public areas because there are a lot of people who don’t want to inhale secondhand smoke.”

People like Kat like to enjoy the finer things in life (but in moderation of course). “I probably just smoke a single cigar once a month with red wine. I love red wine. I really don’t like smoking because of the smell it leaves on your clothes and smokers typically consume a pack a day and that’s really bad.”

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One thing’s for sure, being around Kat is probably one habit we’d like to develop more.

Photography Xander Angeles of Edge of Light Styling by Badj Galias-Genato for Badjswim Make up Amanda Padilla Hair Rhoy Cervantes

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