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6 Career-Killing Lunch Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People

Those who rise from the ranks have lunch. The unproductive ones let work suck the life out of them
by Tanya Umali | Sep 21, 2016
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We could all agree that lunch time is everyone's favorite part of the day. It allows you to take a break in the middle of the day and re-energize through a meal.

But sometimes, due to a heavy workload, you tend to neglect this important period and just carry on with what you're doing. And if you thought skipping lunch will get you somewhere, like being named Employee of the Month, you might want to reassess that habit.

A promotion is far from likely if your performance is sloppy.

Want to know if you're close to turning into a bad employee? Here are six lunch habits of unsuccessful people:

1) They eat at their desk
This conditions you to work whenever you see food. Your mind will become crowded with thoughts of tasks when you should be clearing your head with sustenance.

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2) They skip lunch
Even though you'd have more time to finish your work, missing lunch may actually affect the quality of your output. Think of a laptop that's being used nonstop throughout the day—it will heat up and slow down. Remember, the brain is sort of a supercomputer that needs rest, too.

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3) They're fond of fast food
Mind and body require proper nourishment and the nutrients in fast food (?) just doesn't cut it. All those preservatives will make you feel weak. Go for home-cooked meals, fresh meat, vegetables, and fruits.


4) They eat alone
Grabbing lunch by your lonesome doesn't take you away from whatever job you left off at your desk. Eating with someone and having non-work related conversations refresh the mind. Plus, an hour's worth of rant to another person will rid you of negative vibes that can stress you out.

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5) They take break-less lunch
Food is fuel. And without fuel, a car will not work. The same principle applies to the human body. Not too hungry? At least grab a quick bite.

6) They have long lunch breaks
Midday lulls are fun, but too much of it is not good. Aside from getting you into trouble, it could also take your mind off work completely. An hour break is just enough.

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