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Noel Gallagher

<p> <font size="1">Oasis' bandleader talks about sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll!<br /></font></p>
| Jun 1, 2006
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Interview: Lou E. Albano
Photography: Derrick Ong, courtesy of Sony-BMG Singapore

Don’t Believe the Truth is blatantly happy…
Yeah, yeah

…would you say Oasis is a happy-go-lucky band?
Sometimes, it’s kind of difficult to speak about because now it’s four of us who write songs. So it would be wrong for me to say Oasis is what. In my own personal songs it can be uplifting but very melancholy at the same time. Which could be quite a beautiful thing but it’s something I don’t try to do. It just so happens that I can see sadness and happiness in pretty much the same sentence. But that’s just life I guess.

Which song demonstrates your disposition right now?
I guess if I have to pick one, it would be “Lyla” today. Um, “Lyla” is kind of a sensitive love song. But some days it would be different. Some days it could be Part of the Queue because some days are not so good days, you know? But I would say “Lyla.”

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Do you still get star struck with yourself? For instance, if you receive a fan mail with a “you just saved my life” bit do you catch yourself thinking, “wow. I’ve actually affected people.”
Not so much that but I used to get all that “Oh I listened to your songs and it kept me through a really bad time.” I don’t know about that. I receive things from fans and they’re just funny. They write you these long rambling letters about your music and what it means to them and they’re kind of funny to read. You see, I’m an avid fan of music. I have been since I was a small boy but music never saved my life. I’ve never listened to a song and said, “That’s what I should do.”

You’re a bit more logical.
Yeah. And that’s not a good thing sometimes. I’m not ruled by my emotions, I’m ruled more by my brain. I think you can kind of split the world into two groups: People that are and people that aren’t. I’m kind of ruled by my head really, more than my heart. Again, it’s funny because my songs are really emotional. But then again I’m a Gemini so.

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Are you ever coming to Manila?
I don’t know. We were in Australia and there have been bombs in Bali and there was something about…yeah, there was nobody more devastated than we were because we had to stay in Australia for another fucking week and we couldn’t go on, you know what I mean? So it’s a shame. And it’s a shame not to go there this time. And it’s a shame that it was caused by something like terrorism. Because being from London and being kind of semi-involved in terrorism and what they’ve done to London over this year, you kind of have to stand up to that kind of thing. But management and people who insure you, they get twitchy about those kinds of things. And if anything was to happen, somebody would get in very, very, very, very serious trouble for it and it was decided. I got to say, we had a meeting about it. We took a vote for it. I voted to go. All the people, I won’t mention any names are a bit more cowardly than I am.

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Sex, drugs, or rock n’ roll. What’s the most important of the three?
Ehm-m-m. Drugs would be last. Sex and rock n’ roll are equal.

You’ve been around the world. Which part of the globe has the best girls?
The prettiest? Well girlfriend, don’t be silly. She’s from Scotland. The prettiest girls in the world… I don’t know. I think there’s beauty everywhere.

Safe answer.
But it’s true though. You can’t say, well, the Irish. Irish girls have a certain quality. As do Italians and Scottish and English girls but I’ve never seen…I can’t sit now in all honesty and say, “Yeah American girls are beautiful” because some of them are not so beautiful. But if you’re asking me who the most beautiful girl in the world is, my girlfriend.

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