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Pathra Cadness Shows You Why We Need More Girl Streamers

This competitive gamer can beat your ass at button-mashing
by Katrina Marie Zablan | Jan 29, 2018
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Female streamers have always gotten a bad rep for fueling the passions of young teenage pervs with their feminine charms. But what if we told you that there are girls that are actually... good at gaming? Kidding aside, describing Pathra Cadness (Ornusa‘s sister), competitive Hearthstone player, as just “good” at the game is definitely an understatement. Her track record includes: Leading New Zealand in Hearthstone Global Games as team captain to sixth place out of forty countries and winning the BlizzCon 2017 invitational. This girl’s definitely been on a win streak and there’s no sign of her stopping so we‘re glad we could convince her to game for a quick chat about how to get good at the game.

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Why did you pick Hearthstone out of all the possible games that you could have streamed?

At first I didn’t know what to stream. I just knew that I wanted to try it and one of my friends recommended Hearthstone to me since it was a turnbased game. It actually worked out since I get to communicate with the chat (viewers) after every turn I’ve done. I try to explain to chat the reasoning and thought process behind each of my turns. Whereas, if I were playing a MOBA game (Multi Online Battle Arena) my brain wouldn’t be able to give as much attention as I would want to the game and my viewers.

How does it feel to be compared with Hafu, another Asian female Hearthstone streamer?

A lot of female streamers often get compared with one another because there are only so many of us. I think I’m similar to her in the way that I try to showcase my skill in the game rather than just being able to play it—that, and I’m also a fair-skinned Asian. Though we’re the opposite when it comes to what mode we play. She plays a lot of arena (draft picks), while I play a lot of constructed decks.

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A lot of female streamers have a lot of pervs watching them. How do you deal with yours?

There will always be pervs; they’re mostly thirsty teens, ha ha! My chat has a Pathra thirsty emote that’s just a cropped picture of me drinking, which they spam whenever someone mentions something pervy. It’s actually a really sad world when you think about it because some of these guys only interact with girls through streams like ours because they’re shy IRL. I’d like to build a really friendly and open community with my viewers where they can actually express themselves without being anxious. I’m really happy with the people who watch my stream these days because there are actually girls who watch me, ha ha!

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I have at least ten girls in my stream and I noticed that guys really like it when you have girls in your chat. They get to mingle with these girls instead of them just concentrating on me, which is a great help for me, ha ha!

Why aren’t there more girl gamers?

I think there’s about to be a new wave coming soon but I guess as of now, streaming just isn’t a normal thing for women to get into yet. Streaming just recently became a viable profession and gaming has always been a male-dominated scene, so I guess it’ll take some time for other women to get into this.

This story originally appeared in the January 2017 issue of FHM Philippines.
Minor edits were made by the editors.

Photography Kevin Sanderson Assisted by Joan Ilejay Styling Debra Bernales Hair Josh Galvez Makeup Ria Aquino

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