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Q&A with Shanelle Loraine

<p>This is one of those times where we wish we spent more time at that <em>bilyaran </em>across the corner</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 4, 2010
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Ladies and gentlemen, meet one of Asia’s finest female pool players, Shanelle Loraine. 

She has competed in several tournaments across the globe and recently, swung by Manila to compete in the 2010 Yalin WPA Women’s World 10-Ball Championship.

She did quite well, going against the likes of WPA pros Allison Fisher and the tournament’s eventual winner, Jasmin Ouschan.

But as much as we want to proceed with her credentials, we have to cite the obvious – the Filipino-Guamanian stunner is the prettiest pool player we have ever seen.

She has a Facebook fan page that is nearing 7,000 members, a portion of them probably not even sure what she’s famous for. One very ecstatic admirer would even call Shanelle “the goddess of my pool.”

The plan is for her to snag a major pool title soon, and so we believe she will. If Sharapova and Ivanovic have proven anything, it’s the fact that looks and trophies can go hand in hand.

You must have been good at geometry growing up.

I may have something a little crazy in my mind because I do see lines, ha ha! You know it’s funny that you mention it, I always thought of myself as a good student but unfortunately I failed geometry [laughs].

A Beautiful Mind comes to mind, yes?
On paper I couldn’t put 2 and 2 together but when I look at a table I do see the lines and I know where the balls are gonna go and how the balls are gonna react off of each other. I’ve always been able to see the angles.

How did it all start for you?
It started in college, as most pool players they skip classes and play pool. I tried to play as much as possible and be a good student at the same time. I picked up a job and it was in a cigar bar, where they had a pool table. I was taught a lot of trick shots here and there and I picked it up and loved it ever since. So I started playing every night.

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