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Q&A with Bridget Marquardt

<p>Making chilly winter nights a lot warmer</p>
| Dec 3, 2009
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Last week, we told you about Bridget's Sexiest Beaches. As we know by now, Bridget Marquardt is the little bunny that could. We chatted with the bikini beauty over the phone, and here’s what she has to say. [firstpara]
What's the best part about being a travel show host that you never got to enjoy or do during your time as one of the girls next door?
To really get to take my time and enjoy where I’m at. Being the host of my own show, number one, I could take, I mean, not as long as I wanted on things because we still had a schedule to keep, but I could spend a good deal of time on each event.

I got to help pick what it is we were going to go and do when we were in each location. And I got to spend a lot of time in each location. We spent seven to nine days in each spot, and so I really got to know the people, the food, the area, and what there was to do, so I felt like it was a much better learning experience, and I really got to experience the different cultures better.

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Aside from having you as the host and all the gorgeous beaches you're going to show, what other reasons are there for us to watch your show?
I think that the main difference is, well, it depends on what kind of shows you’re comparing it to. It’s not like most other shows I’ve seen. Most people, when they go to the sexiest beaches, I feel like they kind of focus on the party atmosphere, the kind of Girls Gone Wild or Wild on E type of stuff, and we don’t really do that.

It’s not about partying. It’s not about drinking. It’s not about getting crazy and topless. It’s more about learning about the culture, about the food, and what there is to do in that particular region. And sometimes that involves going out to a club, and sometimes it does involve going topless on a European beach, but it’s not what the focus is about.

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It’s getting to know that area and doing different things that all kinds of people can relate to and might be interested in doing or at least living vicariously through me. So it’s not all about party, party, and over the top sexy.


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