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Q&A with Jens Lekman

<p>Jens Lekman on collaborating with Tracey Thorn, having his own sitcom, and the rock n' roll lifestyle!</p>
| Mar 31, 2010
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You did a collaboration with Everything but the Girl's Tracey Thorn. How was that like?
We met a couple of times. She’s a pretty busy mom,  she’s got her kid, so it was kind of hard to meet her. But yeah, we recorded two songs for her new album, which is a cover, and then she recorded a vocal for one of my songs too. [firstpara] And I’m intending never to release that song because it’s too beautiful. I just want to keep it to myself.

What sort of music did you listen to, growing up?
Mostly I’m inspired by things that are not music. Comedy and books and movies. It’s hard when you’re inspired by music because you start to make music about music eventually. I want to be something more substantial.

What would you say are the single most influential thing for you?
Um, in the beginning, it was music. That was the reason why I started to make music. Or maybe it was the fact that I went to art school and I hated it.

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And I wanted to do something completely different. Um I was listening a lot to the Avalanches and Jonathan Richman. So I’d say those were the two most influential.

You mentioned in an old interview that Night Falls failed miserably with what you intended to do with it because instead, it was able to define what you were, and who you were. So you're a first timer in the Philippines. How would you like to introduce yourself here?
The first time I go to a place, I just like to make it, as small as possible. I don’t like to roll in like royalty. I just love these two shows are set up. All we have is a driver and a tour guide and some people taking care of us, showing us what to eat and where to eat.

So you’re not a big fan of the rockstar lifestyle?

No, no I’m not.

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Are you surprised that you have a following here?
Not anymore, because when I put out my first record, I think I heard from Universal Records almost instantly. Just as soon as I put it out. Like no one cared in America or Britian, or even in Europe.

But just as soon as I put it out in Sweden, my first record, I heard from all these places in Asia so I can’t say I’m surprised anymore. But back then, I was really surprised.


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