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Quick Q&A with Ebe Dancel

<p>Sugarfree's Ebe Dancel on their latest record Mornings and Airports, his change of status and being on the road</p>
| Jul 30, 2009
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The obvious question: What's new, what's changed?We all contributed sa songwriting. Gusto ko kasi, lahat na kami, magsulat, nakakapagod din kasi kung ako lan. Ha ha! As for our sound, the band is progressing, we're leading to someplace else. Ang haba ng mga kanta dito! Three-minute-plus songs are gone! The shortest song here is 4:30 minutes long and the longest clocks in at about six minutes. Sinagad talaga namin yung 70 minutes that a CD can accommodate. For this record, there was a consciosu effort with the producers to contain us because the band was shooting at every possible direction.

How does that mean, contain?Three years kaming walang album so ang dami talaga naming gustong sabihin at gawin. Lahat ng kanta, may outtra, may bridge, may kung anu-anong instruments. The producers, Sancho and Buddy, really wanted to stick to the Sugarfree sound, whatever that is, because we were shooting at every possible direction. Hindi naman experimental but we were having fun talaga. We were trying to look at what's possible. 

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Pero, before you experiment, you have to master the basics. Important na kunwari gagawa ka ng kanta, you'll rehearse, and the you'll realize what it sounds like. More than the listeners, it became very important sa'min to serve up something fresh.

Does this record reflect your change of status? Congrats on tying the knot, by the way.Oo. Masaya itong album na 'to. The sad part will always be there, personality ko na 'ata yun eh. But more than my change of status, I think it reflects the personality of the band. Ten years na ang Sugarfree!

So what would be the record's theme if not heartbreaks and break-ups?Well, there is a song that started out as a writing exercise: paano mo sasabihing 'it's over' without saying 'it's over.' So parang "walang Gabby sa ating Shawi," yung mga ganun. Ten years ago, hindi ko naiisip yan. I would just be whining. Parang mas gusto ko nga ngayon.

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This is your fourth studio record--Ang daming dinaanan ng album na ito! We changed managements, we changed drummers, a label in crisis. I think it's about time that music moves digital. Everyone is going digital. Plus, you don't have to rely on couriers to take your record to the States or kung saan man.


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