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Ramon 'Bong' Revilla--March 2002

The actor-politician on Jinggoy, his father, and his rating as a lover

by istop | Feb 1, 2000
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You went to EDSA Dos despite your friendship with presidential son Jinggoy Estrada. And then you lost for Cavite governor in the elections that followed.
I don’t want to talk about that sana. I went to EDSA Dos because I believed in it. Sabi nila traydor daw ako na kaibigan. But you can run the videotape again and again, and you won’t hear me saying anything negative against them. All I said was they should step down because that was the clamor of the people.

Of course, there were critics who said your appearance there was politically motivated.
That’s what they said. But I didn’t need power. I was still governor then. Actually, kung hindi ako umakyat do’n baka mas tumagal ako sa posisyon ko. But I have no regrets. And I’m not asking for power from the present administration.

So have you patched things up with Jinggoy?
I’ve said I’m sorry many times, but we’re not on speaking terms yet.

What political lessons have you learned from your father, Sen. Ramon Revilla?
Magkaroon ka ng paninindigan. Kung saan mo tingin na tama, doon ka. Of course, only time will tell and only God can tell whether what you did is right or wrong.

What about his advice regarding showbiz?
Well, he has been guiding me In my showbiz career. Pero may sarili akjong diskarte. I make sure na iyong pagkakamali ng iba hindi ko na gagawin.

You’ve placed many roles, on and offscreen. On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate yourself, first, as a father?
Eight. I’m a good provider, but minus two kasi hindi ko maibigay lahat ng time ko sa bahay.

How about as a husband?
Eight din, for the same reason.

As an actor?
(long pause, smiling) Well, seven lang siguro, although marami na rin naman akong na-achieve. I have been box-office king and best actor awardee a number of times. Versatile naman ako.

As a politician?
Ah, diyan siguro nine, because I give everything. All-out ako diyan.

We usually ask these of women, but how would you rate yourself in bed?
Ten (laughs). But ask my exes. They should know.

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