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The chart-topping rock band on their new vocalist, street cred, and moving on<br />
| Dec 28, 2007
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INTERVIEW BY: Lou. E. Albano

It’s been a few months since Jayson has joined you. How are you all?
Mike Elgar (lead guitar): We already kind of bonded with Jayson during the seven-week run of the TV show, Bagong Liwanag, even before choosing him. It’s all good. He performs like a veteran, so no problem with that.
Japs Sergio (vocals, bass): It’s been fun and exciting the past few months. We haven’t really gelled a hundred percent but we’re getting there.
Jayson Fernandez (vocals, guitar): So far, okay. Parang feeling ko matagal na kaming magkakilala. Masaya kahit oras ng trabaho.
Mark Escueta (drums): We’re off to a great start. The change is quite refreshing and it’s turning out to be much more than what we had prayed for. Natututo kami sa isa’t isa and Jayson has brought a renewed fire to the group. He’s a good kid, like me, haha!

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Essentially, you three and Jayson aren’t friends to begin with. Have you discovered any common interests that could solidify the relationship?
Mike: Ngayon masaya kaming mag-asaran!
Japs: Yosi breaks and sa mga one round na nagiging four, five, six…
Mark: Tama sila, but I don’t smoke or drink. I’m the only one who doesn’t

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