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FHM Asks Shanti Dope About The Stories Behind His Hits

Nadarang with whom?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 20, 2018
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It still amazes us how this month’s FHM Hero, Shanti Dope, was able to write relatable (and damn heartfelt) songs at such a young age.

Thinking about it, we couldn't help but lookback at our 17-year-old selves. Funny, because what kept us busy before was either our Algebra homework, or whose character we’ll use when we play DOTA on the computer shop near our school. Well, we may have issues about family or our high school crushes, but really, we couldn’t put that into beautiful writing, just like what the young rapper does.

And if you’re like the many that are curious where Shanti Dope gets inspiration for his songs, or even the stories behind his hits, we finally had the courage to ask it to him.


Produced by Khatrina Bonagua Photography Andrea Beldua Styling Aldrin Ramos Grooming Janina Dizon


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