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Stanley Chi, Ramon Bautista and Co. Tell You Why It's Cool To Read!

Give yourself the gift of knowledge
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 12, 2012
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Here are a couple things you might not know about the Manila International Book Fair, which will be running from September 12 to 16 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay:

1) It's on its 33rd year. (Yes, it's been running that long.)

2) Last year's event was attended by 85,000 people, so you know it's really a huge deal.

3) There will be hundreds of exhibitors showcasing thousands of tomes from names you might have come across back in elementary (Vibal, Rex Publishing) and a name you might have seen while consulting with FHM: A Man's Guide To Hooking Up (Summit).

4) It's effectively the largest bookstore you'll find locally, and one that opens only for a few days every year.

5) It's a great opportunity to finally become a bookworm.

Some of you will be thinking "Hey, I read FHM monthly. Isn't that enough?" If you have to ask that, then you might want to listen to these FHM-approved dudes to convince you to get a litte more reading into your routine. Let Suplado Tips author, Stanley Chi, funny-men Tado and Ramon Bautista, and tour-guide extraordinaire Carlos Celdran coax you into the world of ultimate knowledge with these videos below. If it doesn't, well, these MIBF ambassadors are always entertaining to watch whether they're discussing books are not.

Ramon Bautista: "Did you know that the number one, most, best-selling non-fiction book since time immemorial is The Holy Bible? Hah!"

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