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Sexy Talk With Alt-Soul Pinoy Band, Sud

The band behind the songs 'Sila' and 'Smilky' tells us a thing or two about their songs…and of course, on being a woman's fantasy
by Khatrina Bonagua | Sep 20, 2016
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Walang sagot sa tanong…nah, they actually answered us.

If you're a fan of Pinoy independent music, or, heck, just a music lover, you've probably heard this song (Note: Wag kang kukurap):

Okay, wipe those tears first, man.

"Sila" probably the band's most popular song (and music video) to date, has been on the airwaves since late last year, but it's just this month that the official MV reached a million views—just in time for the band's fifth anniversary.

Sud, the band behind the hit, has been in the business since 2011. Composed of Sud Ballacer (vocals), Jimbo Cuenco (drums), Marc Reyes (bass), Kohl Aguilar (keyboards), Carlos dela Fuente (saxophone), Carlo Maraingan (percussions), and Samuel Valenia (guitars), the seven-piece band is best known for its soulful oh-so-sexy songs and groovy I-wannna-dance music.

Or maybe, you recognize them by that almost orgasmic, err, eargasmic saxophone they dish out in songs like...

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Or perhaps, you know them by the vocalist's standout afro hair, and the band's sheepishness whether they're on and off the camera or performing onstage.

No doubt, the band has got everyone—the frequent Route 196-goers, the Pinoy Big Brother viewers, the OPM fans, and all music aficionados—going to their gigs, playing their hits, and feeling on all the #feels.

Guess it's safe to say that, besides being a suki on almost everyone's playlist, SUD is the next big thing in the local music scene today.

Despite their busy schedule, we got a chance to sit down with these gentlemen and forced them to spill the beans on their songs, the sexiest thing they did for a woman, and some other things we don't want to know about SUD, but we should.


What's with the name? 

Sud (vocals): SUD yung name kasi walang maisip yung naunang members kaya yung name ko na lang daw. Formed in UST Conservatory of Music in 2011, we had our first gig at Cafe Arabiscato in Marikina, that's where we met our drummer now, Jimbo Cuenco.
Jimbo (drums): First song namin na nasulat yung "How We Play." Tapos we wrote a few songs after na medyo Minus the Bear (a Seattle-based indie rock band) yung vibe until we wrote "Smilky." That's when we felt na komportable kami sa alt-soul. I met them through our first guitarist, Chii. I did session work for the band until they took me in as a full-time member.
Marc (bass): And five years ago, first gig dapat namin sa car wash pero di namin tinuloy.
Kohl (keyboards): I was still with a different band back then and we used to do gigs alongside SUD. Jimbo got in touch with me to ask if I was interested to do keyboard duties for them. It was Jimbo, Sud, Marc, and Simon back then when I joined. 
Carlo (percussions): December 2015 ako sumali sa SUD. Pero magkakilala na kami siguro for two years na.
Samuel (guitars): I'm a new member. My first gig with SUD was a lot of fun. That's all I can remember. That's how fun/wild it was. I met SUD in my gigs with Jensen and The Flips. After their guitarist left for London (Hi Gelo!), Jimbo and Sud asked me to play for them. And the rest is history.

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We know you're so busy with gigs. But we're dying to know what else keeps you guys busy? Like, what do you like to do outside of music?

Jimbo: Nothing much. I really just like bumming around and writing. Or sleep.
Marc: Eat, sleep, skate.
Kohl: Work and travel.
Carlos (saxophone): I'm a consultant for a communications center. I teach technical and creative writing, personality development, critical thinking, and public speaking. When I'm not doing that I usually spend time watching movies and hanging out with my wife.
Carlo: Paiba-iba kasi ako ng trip eh. Dati mahilig ako mag-bike. May time din na magluto naman. Pero ngayon mukang ang trip ko lang ay... malasing. Hahahaha!

We can definitely relate to the malasing part, Carlo. SUD's music is definitely unique, something that Filipinos don't usually hear, especially with the sax and all. We're wondering, who are your major music influences?

Sud: John Mayer, Kendrick Lamar, Citizen Cope, and Sinosikat
Jimbo: Personally I grew up to a lot of hip-hop music but always my go-to music would be Glassjaw or Deftones. Drum-wise that would be Dave Grohl, Steve Gadd, and John Bonham.
Marc: Honne!
Kohl: Incubus, Toto, and Miguel.
Carlos: For classical: Erik Satie, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy and Schoenberg. For jazz, there's John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Stan Getz, Gato Barbieri....jazz as a whole actually. I also love progressive rock, blues, glam, and grunge music. And oh, pop music, too. Basically anything from the '70s and '80s.
Carlo: Ang weird nito pero mostly heavy music like Slipknot, Korn, Deftones, etc. Dun sa scene na yun kasi ako nagsimula. Pero ngayon siyempre di din naman mawawala yung mga Michael Jackson at Earth, Wind and Fire, he he!
Samuel: My influences are John Mayer, D'Angelo, Musiq Soulchild, Michael Jackson, Francis M, The Eraserheads, and Sinosikat.

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So who writes your songs and what do you really want to talk about in your songs?

Sud: Me and Jimbo wrote the majority of the last album, pero all of us contribute in terms of songwriting. Most of the topics are about love, lovemaking, and not giving a fuck.
Jimbo: Me and Sud mostly do the writing for the band but Sud's right, everyone contributes from time to time. We mostly really write about sex and love and the in-betweens. We try to keep it as fresh and provocative as possible.
Carlo: Si Sud, Jimbo, at Marc yung nagsulat ng mga current songs namin. Ayun, bastos tuloy yung theme. Ha ha! Biro lang.
Samuel: The three main SUDs (Sud, Marc, and Jimbo) write the songs mostly about love and its other shiznitz.

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What is sexy to you?

Sud: Talent and confidence is sexy for us.
Jimbo: Anything is sexy if you carry yourself well.
Marc: Food.
Kohl: Mine would be seeing my GF (if ever I had one) cooking while wearing one of my long sleeves polo only.
Carlo: Sexy yung iniisip niya na sexy siya. Confidence is sexy.
Samuel: Sexy is yummy.

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And what makes your music sexy?

Sud: Whatever pushes the right buttons.
Jimbo: There's a certain sexy to any kind of music naman. Nase-sexy-han nga ako sa mga food videos sa Facebook eh, ha ha!
Marc: Sticky grooves.
Kohl: Something that would make us say "ugh!" and make our listeners (especially girls) bite their lips. Lol!
Carlo: Para sa akin yung sexy music ay yung mga kanta na nagpapalambot ng bewang mo tapos mapapagalaw ka ng mabagal. Oh yeah!
Samuel: Sexy music is OLD SKOOL RNB.

Care to share what's on your MOMOL playlist?

Sud: Portishead should be there.
Jimbo: "Coffee" ni Miguel tsaka "Digital Bath" ng Deftones.
Marc: Honne stuff and Jack Garret.
Kohl: Silk's "Freak Me."
Carlo: Hmmm. Wala akong MOMOL playlist eh. Siguro yung tunog ng hininga namin ng kasama ko. Naks! Ha ha!
Samuel: "Bump N’ Grind" by RKelly, "Nice and Slow" by Usher, "Pretty Wings" by Maxwell, "Fire We Make" by Alicia Keys ft. Maxwell, "Magic" by Sinosikat, and many more.

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Sexiest thing you've done for a woman, that every FHM guy should at least do once in their lifetime?

Sud: I courted my girlfriend for almost half a year. Effort is sexy.
Jimbo: Sent a cake via GrabExpress at 11 p.m.
Marc: Make her food and coffee.
Kohl: Stay faithful.
Carlos: Hmm. I asked her to marry me. I read my vows and cried in front of everyone while doing it.

Tell us something we don't want to know about SUD but we should.

Sud: We're a lazy band, ha ha!
Jimbo: Nagho-holding hands kami ni Sud on occasion.
Kohl: I don't think you should, besides, you don't want to know, right?
Carlos: His name is Gesmund? Ha ha!
Carlo: Hindi talaga kami bastos.

Lastly, any advice for men whose 'mission is pleasure' as well?

Sud: Communicate.
Jimbo: Galingan mo!
Marc: Be yourself lang.
Kohl: You cannot please everybody. So jerk that heat off of your body, LOL!
Carlos: Don't try too hard. Steady lang.
Carlo: Keep it "up" lang! *wink wink*
Samuel: Practice makes...perfect.

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Follow SUD on Spotify and stream more of their sexy jams by clicking here.
Photography by Oscar Villadolid
Special thanks to Priscilla Mae Salvacion

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