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The Amazing Race Asia contestants

You know whom to root for!<br />
| Oct 4, 2006
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Prashant and Sahil
Models and buddies - Mumbai, India

Prashant and Sahil have been close buddies for the past three years from the commercial, movie and fashion capital of India, Mumbai. Anyone who takes a glance at these two will be tempted to do a second take and will simply dismiss them as Bollywood hunks. Both are models on the fashion runway but that does not necessarily mean they lead boring lives punctuated with shoot after shoot or endless catwalks.

They hold other jobs as well. Prashant organizes events and Sahil works for his family’s business – and along the way, they find time to regularly work out in the gym and take interest in their active social lives as well. When Prashant met Sahil’s sister first three years ago, she kept telling him how much like her brother he was. When both Prashant and Sahil finally met, they hit it off and have been close friends since then.

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