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Vin Dancel

<p>Peryodiko’s main man on his brother, supergroups, and questions he’d rather not be asked!</p>
| Aug 13, 2009
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Is it safe to assume that Peryodiko is your brainchild? The songs are yours and the band name sounds very Vin Dancel, too.
Yes. Actually, I want to correct something in the FHM article. Twisted Halo disbanded in May, 2006 (our farewell gig at Big Sky Mind). I started writing the Peryodiko songs around August or September of 2006. Nagpalipas lang ako ng ilang buwan bago magsulat ulit. I finished writing all the songs for the album and recording the guitar-vocal demo sometime in November 2006. Tsaka ako naghanap ng mga kabanda in December 2006. Ha ha ha! So I guess you can call it that. The songs actually came before the band hehe!

You mentioned in the magazine that the four of you came together around 2003. If you didn’t come across your current bandmates, who or what did you have in mind?

I had a short list of musicians I wanted to play with for the album but I knew I wanted to form a band pa rin. It's a group, mahalaga yung input ng lahat. I'm blessed to have ended up with Simon, Abe and Kakoy. If it weren't them, it would’ve been other people (i.e. Dan Gil and Dex Aguila of Chillitees, Buddy Zabala, Raymund Marasigan, etc) but it would've been a totally different band. I'm glad it's the four of us who make up Peryodiko because the band and album would not be the same without my three bandmates. They took the songs to a whole new level and I'll forever be thankful for it.

Online we learned that you received suggestions from producer extraordinaire Robin Rivera and Raimund Marasigan. Were there other music industry biggie who gave you suggestions?
Hmm, another suggestion was to put together a pool of sessionists and use my name "Vin Dancel" as a solo artist. I declined. Pang-pogi at tisoy yung pangalan ko eh, kaso hindi ganun itsura ko eh. Walang audiovisual lock. Ha ha ha!

This outing is very different from your old band. Peryodiko songs seem very intimate compared to Twisted Halo’s which lean toward the socio-political. Is this part of the plan of irony, given the band’s name and that you’re Vin Dancel?
First, there is no plan of irony. Ha ha ha! Second, it's true that I made a conscious effort to veer away from "Twisted Halo music." For many different reasons, too: I'm older and steadier than I was back then. I wanted to reach out to people through my songs, and not just make socio-political commentaries na lang. Ito yung irony na hindi sadya: the songs just came flowing out naturally despite the pre-dispositions. Bumalik lang talaga ako sa kung saan ako komportable.

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