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WATCH: What Was Wil Dasovich’s Reaction After Learning He Had Cancer?

The answer might surprise you
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jul 20, 2018
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Learning that you have a serious illness is something that can be tragic.

But for 26-year-old Wil Dasovich, who was diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer last year, the bad news proved to be just another challenge he had to overcome.

“It was a big hit, it was unfortunate. I was in the prime of my career for three years,” he said. “My first thought was, ‘Dang it, we had the year lined up,’” he laughs. “‘No more work?’ And I’m so passionate about my work. My second reaction was, ‘Okay... this is kind of scary.’”

Wil’s initial reaction to the revelation proved that above anything else, what’s more important than himself are his loved ones—his family, his friends, and his followers who are always looking forward to the award-winning content creator’s next adventure.

“I didn’t have a choice—I have a fan base that looks up to me, motivates me, and inspires me. I had to do my best to motivate everyone, too. I didn’t want to let cancer bring me down—at minimum, I wanted to use it as a vehicle to help other people. And doing something for others—that kept me happy. If you’re going to go through a battle like that, you might as well get your body in tune with your (mindset),” he adds.

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Now,'s July Hero is back—cancer-free and full of positivity—to continue his story.


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