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Your Favorite FHM Heroes Dish Out Sage Life Advice

Listen up—these dudes know what they're talking about
by Khatrina Bonagua | Dec 29, 2017
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Our new tagline reads, “It’s great to be a man, but it’s also hard work." Being a gentleman today is quite a challenge, but it shouldn't be. Don’t worry about it—FHM’s got your back as you navigate this journey into manhood. Of course, we've gotten by with a little help from the true lodis—the celebrities we've featured in the magazine’s Man Profile section. These esteemed gentlemen are iconoclasts in their own right, lauded for their work in their respective industries. So it would be wise to heed their words and follow their lead.  

Ping Medina

January 2017 

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On giving in and using a dating app:

“I tried Tinder, but then I deleted it. I liked it because it’s less expensive, and needs less time and effort. You just cut to the chase. I got to meet a lot of interesting people there—professionals, doctors, lawyers, but also crazy, psychotic girls. They had problems; I tried to help, but there’s so much you can do. All in all, sulit naman ang Tinder for me.”

Gabby Concepcion

February 2017

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On aging gracefully:

“Unfortunately, there’s no stopping aging. But I just go with the flow, roll with the punches, and take it from there. I am also careful with what I eat right: brown or black rice, ‘colored’ corn, oatmeal. I avoid sugar because [my family has a] history of diabetes. I also hydrate; I drink a lot of water.”

Jugs Jugueta

March 2017

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On pretensions and being genuine:

“What you see on TV, that’s how we really are; that’s how really we talk. Wala kaming mask that we put on in front of the cameras. I don’t think I could have lasted seven years (in Showtime) kung kailangan ko magsuot ng mask every day. Nakakapagod yun.”

Drew Arellano

April 2017

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On finding the love of your life:

“With Iya, I was just lucky. I am telling you, I never tried to find someone special. I think Someone is up there looking out for us and helping us out. Someone is on your side.”

Mervin Malonzo

May 2017

On being a good storyteller:

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Yung kuwento na pag natapos mo, matutulala ka muna para ma-absorb mo yung kababasa mo pa lang na bahay tapos maya-maya gusto mong maghanap ng mga tao na nakabasa na rin nito para may makausap ka tungkol sa awesomeness nito. Gusto ko yung kuwento na mapapaisip ka. Yung kuwento na pwedeng magpabago ng opinion mo sa isang bagay. Yung pati ikaw mababago niya. Ganun sana.”

Valentin Naguit

June 2017

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On having a sense of humor being an attractive trait:

Kailangan nilang matutong pagtawanan ang mga sarili nila. They need to learn to laugh at things that make them cry, even though it might be hard. The lesson here is to never take yourself seriously. Take your job seriously; sure, but never take yourself seriously.”


Rocco Nacino

July 2017

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On being an alpha male:

“An alpha male is someone who’s confident and not afraid to take risks. He’s always on the go and tells the barkada, ‘Let’s do this, let’s do that,’ and always has something new to offer.”

Ian Sta. Maria

August 2017 

On breaking into the business:

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“Get your work out there! I would like everyone who has a story to tell to be brave enough to step up and share what’s on your mind. Anyone can start with low cost production using Xerox and staplers. Don’t be afraid of criticism. You may be the next big thing that inspires the next generation!”

Jose Mari Chan

September 2017

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On making music that touches lives:

“Words and music should have a perfect marriage. Words should fit the melody. Melody should illustrate what the words are saying. They are as complementary as husband and wife. One cannot live without the other. Is that a bit too much?”

Avid Liongoren

October 2017

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On making art and learning your priorities:

Ang art ay parang love; hindi siya ang sagot sa lahat. Learn business, learn math, most importantly. Figure out how to earn, first and foremost.”

Michael V.

November 2017

On doing what you love:

“If we get one or two or three to appreciate what we’re doing, then not only do we achieve our goal, we actually do all Pinoys a favor. And everybody wins.”

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Greg Slaughter

December 2017

On striving to win:

“Every championship is sweet. This is what we play for.”


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