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Yan Yuzon

On counting gigs, fronting a band, and his own travel advice!

| Sep 24, 2009
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Why do you keep track of the number of gigs you’ve played?
Kasi sayang e. It’s so easy to count. We post our gig schedule online, so somewhere there, you can write kung pang-ilan na siya. It became a good idea to keep count, kung naka-100 na ba kami, or naka-69 na kami. Our 69th gig was actually a Gary V. Night. Gary’s a friend of the band. He likes our stuff. Siyempre nakakataba ng puso yun kasi idol mo yun simula pagkabata.

[firstpara] What’s the impetus behind the formation of Archipelago?
A lot of people have given me flak for it, saying Pupil
na nga ako, hindi pa raw ba ako masaya roon ? Actually, hindi pa, kasi marami ka pang ibang kailangang gawin with your life. It would’ve been a waste if I didn’t form Archipelago. It would’ve also been a waste if I didn’t first play for The Mongols and Pupil. Pero yun nga, parang tama na yung panahon para sa Archipelago.

I credit the nagging of my brother (Sponge Cola's Yael), who’s of course, an established frontman in the music scene. He always asks me why I still have not formed my own band where I’m the vocalist. People who really know me know that I am a frontman. I've always thought I’m an introvert,
pero hindi pala. I can actually chat up a storm, and be literally in front of a band singing, and interacting with the audience. So eventually it was just time to form my own band.

I don’t regret doing this only now. I've amassed a lot of experience working with The Mongols, Pupil, and all the talented people I’ve met along the road.

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How different is the experience of being a frontman compared to being an instrumentalist?
I can’t really say that one is better than the other, because I enjoy doing both. This is actually a point of clarification because people keep thinking that I’ve left Pupil, which is not the case.

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