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Nifty Christmas Gift Ideas For Kitchen Noobs

Have a bro who views the kitchen as an alien landscape? Help him out this holiday season!
by Mars Salazar | Nov 26, 2015
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The kitchenware section might not be your immediate destination when you’re doing your Christmas shopping but, believe it or not, it’s actually a haven for cool, practical gifts!

It makes a lot of sense: everyone eats, and to eat, you’ll need to cook (unless if you're ok with downing sushi for the rest of your life, then go ahead). And trust us, there’s no such thing as too much cutlery and cookware, especially if your intended recipient loves to cook.

And if your pal doesn’t know shit in the kitchen, well, a brand-new pan (plus a note saying that chicks dig guys who cook!) might just be the push he’ll need to start learning how to whip up new dishes.

Seriously, every man must know at least the basics of cooking (and by that we mean NOT settling for prito dishes 24/7). If you know guys who view the kitchen as some alien landscape they won't survive in, here's a list of gifts you'll find useful if you want to be a good bro to them:

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The nice item for those who want to spend more time in the kitchen, this heavy skillet can be used for almost everything. You can even use it to grill steak!

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Not only would this sleek, all-black set look handsome in your cooking area, it’s also guaranteed to get lots of mileage from your day-to-day routine. No more digging through drawers for knives and ladles!

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You don’t have to know how to cook to maximize this set! Use it for storing leftovers, packing baon, or keeping stuff fresh. And it’s see-through, so you don’t have to check all the containers in your ref to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Make cooking breakfast less of a chore by using this colorful spatula! Flipping pancakes has never been more fun.

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Channel your inner caped culinary crusader with this Batman apron! Use it while cooking your girl’s favorite dish—you’ll be the only superhero she’ll ever need.

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A kitchen should have at least two chopping boards: One for produce, bread, and food that can be eaten raw, and another for fish, meat, and poultry. This elegant board is perfect for the former: We recommend using it to slice bread and cheese for date nights at home.

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We’d really like to make gifting cookware a thing this Christmas, so we’re throwing another pan into the mix. This non-stick wok isn’t just great for stir-fries; you can also use this versatile piece to steam, smoke, and deep-fry dishes. Definitely a kitchen must-have!

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A magnetic knife strip is a space-saving alternative to your regular knife blocks. Give one to your condo-dwelling pal, with a note advising him to stick his knives via their blunt sides.

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Make sure plastic-packaged food (like that gigantic bag of chips you regret opening) stay pest-free and fresh with this heat sealer! It’s a great gift any household will find a ton of uses for.

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