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10 Drunken Conversations You've Had With Your Friends

We list down the alcohol-powered conversations you and your buddies have had after having one drink too many.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 21, 2016
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Friendships can only grow stronger when you share drinks. It’s an unwritten custom that has been practiced ever since man invented liquor and is still widely practiced today.

And the best part about drinking with your buddies? Drunken conversations!

Thanks to the wonders of liquor, awesome alcohol-powered tales are expected to be told whenever a person or the whole gang has had one drink too many.

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Here we list down 10 of the most common drunken conversations bros all around have shared while under the influence.

1) The one where you bring up your ex-girlfriend from 10 years ago

"Naalala ko lang naman."

"Wala eh, niloko niya ako."

"P*****na, mahal ko pa rin siya, 'dre!"

*Cue Katy Perry’s "The One That Got Away"

2) Comparing each other’s crushes in the office

"Oo nga, bro. Babe nga yun."

"Sayang, may boyfriend na."

"Nahuli ka nga daw na tinitignan mo yung legs?"

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3) Basketball

"Hayup yung laro ni LeBron James kanina, galing lang eh."

"Pero Golden State Warriors pa rin yan sa championship. Mas malupit si Steph Curry!"

"Nakita mo ba yung ginawa ko nung last game? Ankle breaker eh!"

"Kaso hindi na-shoot di’ba?"

"Ahhh. Sino pala nanalo sa Alaska at Globalport?"

4) Surveying the whole place for girls!

"Tignan mo sa alas-tres mo, yung naka-white!"

"Parang nakikipagtitigan na sa akin. Ano bigyan ko tequila?"

After an hour...

"Mga 'tol, ano na? Nag-bill out na yata. Aalis na!"

"Ah, okay."

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5) That moment when they back you up and encourage you to message your crush

"Online pa rin si crush."

"Message mo! Ayain mo dito."

"Patingin ngang pic!"

"Message mo lang pare!"

After another bottle...

"O, anong sabi?"

"Na-seenzone lang ako, brod. Isang round pa, game?"

6) That time when you bring up a feud you've had with another bro from ages ago

"Dati magkaaway pa kami nito eh."

"Immature pa tayo noon kasi."

"Pero ngayon… Ikaw ang bestfriend ko, tol! I love you!"

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7) That moment when you try to resist going to girly bars after downing several bottles

"Tara, nood lang."

"Walang magte-table."

"One hour lang ako, bro."

After three hours...

"Exteeeend pa!"

8) Who’d You Rather?

"Yassi Pressman o Ella Cruz?"

"O, etoEllen Adarna or Meg Imperial?"

"Eh kung: Duterte, Binay, Roxas, Santiago, or Poe?"

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9) That moment w
hen you ask your mates for advice on why you’re still single

"Dadating yan, ‘wag mong madaliin."

"Wag mong pilitin. Ang dami pa diyan."

After two more rounds and five plates of mani...

"Ehhhh, ang torpe mo kasi."

10) That moment when your bros transform into the most brilliant scholars/debaters of your era:

"I just don’t get the logic why P-Noy vetoed the P2,000 increase for SSS pensioners."

"Well, maybe because the sudden escalation of funds could cost the agency to go bankrupt."

"But they did say that the SSS office is financially stable until 2029. It's just 2016. Besides, it’s the pensioners’ money in the first place, why won’t they give it to them?"

"You just don’t get the bigger picture. Teka banyo muna ako, parang dudugo na yung ilong ko eh."

Did we miss any? Make sure to share your memorable drunken conversations on our Facebook page!

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