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Online Queens: 10 Hottest YouTube Hosts

Ten more reasons why YouTube is awesome!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 27, 2014
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We’ve been all praises for the beautiful women here and abroad; but what about the ladies of the online world? They deserve our attention, too!

For starters, there’s our April 2014 cover girl, Ashley Rivera, who got celeb status as the one and only Petra Mahalimuyak of YouTube. Wouldn’t you want to proclaim your admiration to someone like her?

sexy youtube stars 

Sure, you could say she’s a rare exception and that we just got lucky finding her. So we tell you this: She’s not the only one of her kind on the web’s bottomless repository of the visual arts.

If you browse long enough, you’ll find others like her: beautiful and sexy YouTube celebrities who shatter the stereotype about how the Internet's filled with fat, lonely bastards, lame memes, and excruciatingly annoying trolls.

But because we’re bros, we’ll help you get started! Feast your eyes on 10 of the hottest female hosts on YouTube, the ones who can make you press the subscribe button just by being pretty (although they’ve got awesome hosting chops, too)!

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YouTube channel: MissHannahMinx

Known for: Teaching viewers the Japanese language via the show Japanese Word of the Week or JWOW. If you’re not into Nihongo, her plunging neckline and large eyes that stare down your soul will keep you entertained.

Trivia time: It was rumored that she has a sex tape. Calm down, fellas! It’s never been verified so it could possibly be just like the many things we hear in Senate hearings: a big fat lie.


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YouTube channel: Knockout Dating

Known for: Dishing the low-down on dating and tips on how to keep your date satisfied. We like how she delivers her shows: feisty and straight to the point.

Trivia time: Avid SmackDown! viewers will probably find her face curiously familiar since she’s actually a former WWE Diva. That’s why she’s toned as heck!


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YouTube channel: iJustine

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