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10 Insane Food Records That Will Have Your Stomach Growling

Several of these were achieved by our foodie kababayans!
by Mars Salazar | Jan 27, 2016
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You know the hunger pangs you get when you’re looking at food porn photos online? Apparently, looking for record-breaking food does the same trick, as we learned the hard way after scouring Guinness World Records for the top culinary heavy-hitters out there.

No, seriously. The gastronomic masterpieces below, which are epic displays of man's penchant to eat and to show off, will have your stomach growling, nay, roaring in no time!

1) Most expensive food

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If we ever win the lotto, we’re definitely going to buy some caviar to celebrate. And not just any caviar: A kilo of Almas, a white variety of caviar, sells for a cool £20,000 (about P1.37 million). Why the insane price tag? It comes from a rare kind of albino sturgeon in the Caspian Sea between 60-100 years old.

2) Largest round pizza

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This should satisfy your craving for Italian: a pizza with a total surface area of 1,261.65 meters squared (12,580.23 feet squared) was prepared by five Italian chefs on December 13, 2012. This culinary behemoth, christened Ottavia, contained "19,800 pounds of flour, 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce, 8,800 pounds of mozzarella cheese, 1,488 pounds of margarine, 551 pounds of rock salt, 220 pounds of lettuce, and 55 pounds of vinegar" and weighed a whopping 51,257 pounds. Our only complaint: Seriously, no pepperoni?

3) Largest ice cream scoop

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The largest scoop of ice cream was 5'6" tall (as tall as a local bro!), measured 6'2" wide, and weighed a ginormous 3,010 pounds. This frozen strawberry-flavored monstrosity was created by a USA-based company called Kemps LLC on June 28, 2014 and was able to feed thousands of hungry ice cream fans.

4) Largest bag of potato chips

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The largest bag of chichirya in history weighed 1,141 kilos and was made by UK company Corkers Crisps on September 13, 2013. We wonder, how much of the bag was air?

5) Longest hotdog sandwich

This title is being contested, but the Guinness record holder for this feat is a 209-meter hotdog sandwich made in Paraguay on July 15, 2011 to commemorate the country’s 200th anniversary. The hotdog itself weighed 120 kilograms, and the whole thing was able to feed at least 2,000 people.

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6) Longest sushi roll

A 2,523-meter sushi roll was created back in December 2011 in Russia. That's over two kilometers long! 60 chefs labored for 15 hours over 1.5 tons of rice, 500 kilograms of cucumbers, 14,000 pieces of seaweed, and 25 kilograms of sesame seeds to make this extra extra-long meal.

7) Largest serving of fried chicken

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Hundreds of chickens were sacrificed in Japan on September 23, 2011 to achieve the largest serving of fried chicken on record. A total of 1,076 kilograms of chicken karaage was made for the occassion. Pass the ketchup, please!

8) Heaviest mango

Believe it or not, the heaviest mango on record was harvested here in the Philippines! The 3.435-kilogram fruit, which measured 12 inches by 19.5 inches by 7 inches, was picked from a tree in Cagayan de Oro City on August 27, 2009. Wow, what kind of fertilizer did they use?

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9) Longest barbecue fest

In April 4, 2014, 8,000 people got together in Bayambang, Pangasinan to break the record for the longest barbecue. They used 8,000 interconnected grills to cook a total of 50,000 kilograms of fish, which fed an estimated 500,000 people. Whoa!

10) Largest serving of balut

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A 117.5 kilogram serving of balut was prepared in Pateros by students from the Center of Culinary Arts on April 10, 2015. The feast involved around 1,000 balut eggs, which were chowed down by over 500 participants. Trivia: Pateros is the balut capital of the Philippines, so it was only fitting that the record was achieved there!

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