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10 Struggles That Only Men With Beer Bellies Would Understand

Be proud of your alcohol-fed tummy!
by Mikey Agulto | May 11, 2015
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When you take off your shirt, you can't help but gaze at this thing that's on your abdomen, contemplating on how the hell it got there. That's pretty much what you'd call a beer belly, and it's the unfortunate consequence of your beer-chugging, burger-chowing ways. No one else to blame but you, son.

But if the Internet is any indication, it seems girls are digging dad bods at the moment, so we're guessing now's the perfect time to show off your alcohol-fed tummy. Be proud of it!

The only way to do that, however, is to free yourself of all inhibitions. If you happen to have a beer belly, you can probably relate to the following problems:

1. You think guys with six-packs aren't tunay na lalake.

GIF via Pinterest.com

2. You're perpetually concerned about the last three buttons in your polo shirt.

BeerGIF via Giphy.com

3. You kind of miss seeing your weener without the help of a mirror.

GIF via Giphy.com

4. There's just no way to hide your gut when you're seated down.

GIF via Cookiesandsangria.com

5. It's a struggle to get up in the morning, since your belly's in the way.

GIF via Buzzfeed.com

6. You sometimes think it has a life of its own, so you start to talk to it.


7. You know how to tuck your belly in when in the presence of a beautiful woman.

GIF via Buzzfeed.com.

8. You're actually kind of athletic, but nobody else seems to notice.

GIF via fitbandits.com

9.. You couldn't be happier that people are digging dad bods at the moment.

GIF via giphy.com

10. "Gwapo ka sana eh," girls always tell you. 

GIF via annoyingrambles.wordpress.com

We feel you, bro.

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