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Why Some Netizens Don't Like Pastillas Girl As Much As Yaya Dub

We scour the comments section to find out why some netizens don't like the Internet's flavor-of-the-moment.
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 16, 2015
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When It's Showtime invited the Internet's flavor-of-the-moment, Pastillas Girl, it appeared that the noontime show finally found the antidote to Eat Bulaga's record-setting AlDub "Kalyeserye" love team. The Alden Richards-Maine Mendoza connection had been killing it, routinely posting ratings thrice that of their ABS-CBN rival, and setting local Twitter records on fire.  

And then Pastillas Girl arrived. The 21-one-year old Angelica Jane Yap, who shot to fame by emotionally reciting a mock pastillas recipe floating on the Internet, took her act to the floundering noontime show...and well, we're all kind of talking about her now, right? Maine is still the ratings queen here, but Pastillas Girl seems to have charmed enough of the noontime-watching populace to get Eat Bulaga's attention. Look, if Joey de Leon aims cryptic, loaded  tweets at your show, then you've gotten under their skin. 

For now, what's not cryptic is that It's Showtime has found it proverbial salbabida. They're just two rungs lower than AlDub on Twitter, today:

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As seen above, Pastillas Girl definitely has her following. However, a good portion of netizens aren't exactly embracing the new challenger.

News networks Rappler and ABS-CBN have put out their own Pastillas Girl stories—as have we. In the comments section of the Facebook posts for these respective stories, it takes one quick scroll to experience the non-love that a number of netizens seem to have for Pastillas Girl. There are nicer comments out there saying that both of the two girls are equally pretty—and they are—and possess the kind of charm that gets us looking.

But why are some people not fond of Pastillas Girl? We'll let them do the talking...

1)   They say that the Pastillas Girl segment is a complete rip-off of AlDub.

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2)   They don't like the fact that Pastillas Girl seems like she's aggressively looking for love.

3)   They're saying that the mock recipe which propelled Pastillas Girl to popularity isn't her original work.

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4)   They don't like the fact that she made this grammatical mistake in one of her tweets.

5)   Pastillas Girl doesn't have enough "kilig-cuteness," apparently.

6)   They think Pastillas Girl's use of curse words in her videos is a turn-off.

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7)   They think it's "pilit."

8)   They think Pastillas Girl doesn't have enough impact.

9)  They think Pastillas Girl might not be a good role model.

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10)   They don't like the fact that Pastillas Girl smokes in her Instagram posts.

Of course, these comments are just part of the story. Like we've said, Pastillas Girl has her own supporters, too. How she manages to charm more of them might rely on how she addresses some of these "complaints" above. Will she become more of a fan-favorite or will she flame out in the face of the supernova that Aldub remains to be?

We don't know yet, but what we do know is this: The noontime show wars have gotten more interesting.

Now, sit back, enjoy the show, let's all lessen the vitriol and wait for the coming of Pastillas Girl's Yema Boy, Puto Bumbong Dude, Or Kutsinta Bro.

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