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10 Crazy Things Kids Are Saying These Days

Youth lingo can be really, really confusing
by Jamie Sanchez for | May 5, 2016
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You know you're getting older when you can't understand half of what the kids these days are saying. But don't worry, because you're not alone and youth lingo can be really, really confusing—especially when a term is so creative, it goes through up to six degrees of translations. We're here to help you get with the times...or just to solve your confusion.

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Here are 10 super creative terms kids are using these days that will make you say "Taba ng utak!"

1) Scoobs

What we thought it meant: Shorthand for scuba diving
What it actually means: Hellz no
How it got there: Scoobs - Scooby Doo - Great Dane - Dane - Dein - No
Example: "Are you going to Laboracay?" "Scoobs, bro! Couldn't find business class tickets eh!"

2) Mom Jeans

What we thought it meant: Jeans that moms wear
What it actually means: High and wasted
How it got there: Mom jeans - high-waisted - high wasted - high and wasted
Example: "Dude I'm so mom jeans." "What?" "High and wasted, bro."

3) Gumps

What we thought it meant: Shorthand for goosebumps...or a disease
What it actually means: Thanks
How it got there: Gumps - Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks - T. Hanks - Thanks
Example: "Heyyy, I love your new hair!" "OMG, guuumps!"

4) Carps

What we thought it meant: Comprehensive Agrarian Reform...or shorthand for carpet
What it actually means: Are you game?
How it got there: Carps - Carpet - Rug - RUG - Are you G? - Are you game?
Example: "Japan next month, carps?"


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5) Pics

What we thought it meant: Pictures
What it actually means: I am game.
How it got there: Pics - Pictures - Images - IMG - I am G - I am game
Example: "Pool Club tonight with the squad?" "Pics!" 

6) Sharks

What we thought it meant: Marine animals
What it actually means: Can I see?
How it got there: Sharks - Pating - Patingin - Can I see?
Example: "I swear his six-pack is TDF!" "Sharks?!!"

7) Starbs

What we thought it meant: Shorthand for Starbucks
What it actually means: Copy
How it got there: Starbs - Starbucks - Coffee - Copy
Example: "Do you have the new episode of GoT? Starbs naman, oh!"

8) Sags

What we thought it meant: Something that's drooping
What it actually means: Pilit
How it got there: Sags - Saging - Banana - Peel it - Pilit
Example: "Dude, these new terms are so sags!"

9) Pots

What we thought it meant: A thing that holds plants
What it actually means: K.
How it got there: Pots - Potassium - K
Example: "I love you." "Pots."

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10) Salt

What we thought it meant: A condiment
What it actually means: As in. 
How it got there: Salt - Asin - As in
Example: "The youth lingo is soooo confusing. Salt!"

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