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These 9 Female Singers Are In Tune With The Sexiest List

Three recent covergirls qualify for this unique circle
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 6, 2017
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This year's 100 Sexiest crop is a mixed bag of desirable regulars and sassy newcomers.

Other than classifying the women based on their year of inclusion, the exclusive group is defined by a few noticeable themes, one of which is the myriad of singers and musicians.

These are the females who had been voted not only for their good looks, but also their ability to make sweet music.

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#97 Isabella de Leon

The Daddy Di Do Du child star has successfully reinvented herself as a pop star since returning to the scene. If Duday is up for another transformation, a sexy one at that, she knows where to find us.

#70 Emmanuelle Vera

Even before gracing the cover of the magazine, Eman already had a considerable following as a singer-songwriter and actress. We're just happy to add to her burgeoning social media fanbase.

#61 Julz Savard

Who else here misses Save Me Hollywood? The punk frontwoman gained listeners with her former band's Paramore stylings, and then admirers with her FHM March 2017 co-headline appearance.

#33 Glaiza de Castro

Like most of the ladies here, Glaiza is often associated with her non-musical efforts in showbiz. Although she has received a gold record award for her third, self-produced record, Synthesis.


#32 Sarah Geronimo

If there was such a thing as a 100 Sexiest Singers ranking, she would have to be the undisputed Queen. With beauty to match her artistry, Sarah is the gold standard for sultry female vocalists.

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#30 Roxanne Barcelo

We weren't the only ones to be surprised upon learning that Roxee was the original singer of "Kung Alam Mo Lang." After all, our June muse isn't solely known for her vocal chops: actress, host, etc.

#29 Julie Anne San Jose

From viral covers to hit singles, JAPS has come a long way in terms of musicality. Despite making a seamless transitioned into acting, she still returns to dabble in her first love from time to time.

#15 Maja Salvador

Primarily known for her work on the dance floor and in front of the camera, she has been underrated as a songstress. Maja actually boasts more albums and concerts than most of the women in this list.

#11 Arci Muñoz

Name another entry who can both growl like a wild beast and hit notes like a siren. Philia's resident loudmouth can belt with the very best of them, while looking so damn fine at the same time.

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