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#Asar: 12 Things We Didn't Really Like About The '90s!

Okay, so it was a good, nay, great decade overall. However, there were still a few things that we wish we never saw or experienced back then...
by KC Calpo | Sep 2, 2014
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The '90s was a glorious time. But it must be said: We hated a lot of things from that decade.

Well, okay, not hate hate. More like dislike or don't like so much or semikindasorta don't like.

Anyway, the '90s was pretty cool. It had a rich pop culture, gave us far-out fashion trends and technology, and accounts for many of the catchphrases we still use today—like ayt, as if, dope, NOT!, it's all good, and know what I mean. Know what we mean? Yeah, dude. Totally.

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As much as we love this part of the 20th century, we do have a few complaints, though. Behold, 12 of our biggest gripes that, despite the BVs we got from 'em, made the '90s ultimately more memorable!


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We were all excited to enter the '00s, but also were anxious to see if that damned Y2K bug was going to cause the end of the world. Aminin, inantay niyo rin 'yun! When that long-awaited moment finally came, most electronic devices handled the switch from 19xx to 20xx well enough, and we all had to go back to regular programming. One long-term effect of Y2K: Chris Jericho's WWE character.

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Do we still have this today? Uh, no. Although people will always get riled up over something, especially in tech. We'll always have that. We do hope we'll handle Y3K better.


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Add this item to '90s fashion faux pas! Birks were the trendy footwear of the decade: They're hella comfortable, and it gave our feet proper support. We wore them everywhere: at home, in the mall, during tambay and inuman sessions with the gang, at the beach...we practically lived in them. But going all-out in “'Stocks and socks”? To us, it looked sloppy and screams tandercats.

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Do we still have this today? Sadly, yes. It's fasyon again. But now, we have more shoe styles to choose from. That gives us a bit of comfort. Just a teeny-weeny bit.


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The "toot-tit-toot-toot" sound the modem made back then really brings on the memories! We remember all the hours we spent on mIRC and ICQ (we still know our user number: HI ASL PLS). But it also meant you had to have an Internet account (and then later on, regularly top up with ISP Bonanza or BL@ST prepaid cards), and make sure no one at home picks up the extension phone. Ma! Pakibaba yung phone!

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