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13 Filipino Dishes You Can't Wait To Devour This Christmas

Where to buy (or how to prepare) glorious Noche Buena food!
by Mars Salazar | Dec 22, 2015
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Ah, Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year, and for good reason: the gifts, the company, and the food, the glorious food!

‘Tis the season for forgetting your diet and for getting stuffed, and it all starts with Noche Buena, where you’ll get to feast on holiday staples such as...

1) Christmas ham

No Noche Buena spread would be complete without a nice hunk of juicy ham at the center of the table. Kahit ‘yan lang ang handa, solve na!

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Of course, you don't want the star of your Noche Buena to be mediocre. With a little help from our friends at, here are the top 10 best-tasting Christmas hams in Metro Manila.

2) Queso de bola

You know it’s nearly Christmas when you see the unmistakable red balls of cheese in the supermarket. Stock up on these during the holidays and use it on top of pasta, for cheesecake, as palaman, and for all your other cheesy needs.

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Give your the classic bola a twist, and try making a no-bake Pinoy queso de bola cheesecake this Christmas! Click here for the recipe!

3) Barbecue

An easy way to keep everyone happy during a big Noche Buena gathering would be to fire up the grill and always have a few sticks of barbecue on hand. This one’s a trusty crowd-pleaser, loved by adults and kids alike.

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In case you're too lazy, este, busy and don't have time to set some charcoals on fire, here's a list of the top 10 Pinoy pork barbeque joints in Metro Manila.

4) Lechon

No matter the season, it just ain’t a celebration without lechon. It’s more than just a delicious ulam: The roasted pig symbolizes celebration and thanksgiving.

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But before you start pigging out, you might want to check's top 10 lechon in Manila. (And yes, your blood pressure, too.)

5) Embutido

This Noche Buena staple’s so good, you can easily polish off a whole roll by yourself. Don’t be afraid to pile on the ketchup on this one!

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Want to learn how to make your own embutido? Click here for the recipe!

6) Relleno

This dish takes a lot of effort to make, which is why it’s usually only served during special occasions. That makes it such a fitting dish for Christmas—we can’t think of a celebration more special than that!

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Click here and start learning how to make chicken relleno.


7) Paella

For Christmas, plain white rice just wouldn’t do. Enter the magnificent paella, a flavorful rice dish with a generous cover of seafood and vegetables. Kanin pa lang, ulam na!

Try's quick paella recipe and make this Spanish dish in just 30 minutes!  

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8) Hot chocolate

Cap off your Noche Buena with a steaming mug of rich and creamy chocolate! Powdered concoctions will do, but the traditional tableya results in a more bittersweet brew.

Click here for the top 10 hot chocolate spots in the metro.

9) Spaghetti

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A Pinoy party without spaghetti is just...wrong. Make it a bit sweet for the maximum nostalgia hit.

For a family-approved sweet-style spaghetti recipe from, click here!

10) Macaroni salad

Easy to make and always yummy, this dish is the pangontra to all the rich, umay-inducing ulam on the table during Noche Buena. Take note of your mom’s recipe this Christmas and try your hand at replicating it for your potluck parties!

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For more macaroni salad recipes, click here.

11) Bibingka and puto bumbong

Feel the holiday spirit by buying a few of these yummy Christmas-time treats after Misa de Gallo. Top the puto bumbong with a generous dose of niyog and brown sugar, and make sure the buttery bibingka is garnished with cheese and salted egg. Eat them while they’re still warm!

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For the best bibingka in Metro Manila, click here!

12) Buko or fruit salad

Salad is an integral part of the dessert spread at any Pinoy celebration. The combination of fruit cocktail, cream, and condensed milk is a no-fail winning combo, so this is one dish that’s always bound to be a crowd pleaser.

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Complete your Christmas feast with this rich and creamy fruit salad recipe from!

13) Leche flan

The leche flan may not be the main course, but it’s definitely a highly anticipated one. Whether you bought it from a suki or made it just for Noche Buena, you can count on having all your llaneras polished off in no time at all.

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For the best, melt-in-your-mouth leche flans in the metro, check out's top 10 list.



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