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Mika Reyes As Reyna Elena, Switchfoot’s Tondo Music Video, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week

Plus: a hangover cure, the latest on Emma Watson, and the toilet python
by Mars Salazar | May 28, 2016
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Time for your weekly dose of man knowledge, gents!

For this week: a stunning volleybelle sans her jersey, a couple of cool movies we can’t wait to watch, presidential antics, and a pototoy-eating python (!!!). Curious? Read on!

We’re all aware of how much Mika Reyes slays on a volleyball court, but she’s also pretty majestic in a Filipiniana gown for Santacruzan!

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Uh-oh, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has proven that he’s not one to mess with, after authorizing chemical castration for convicted child offenders. You think Duterte can top that?

Check out Switchfoot’s music video for “Float,” which was filmed entirely in Manila! We're adding this one to our playlists ASAP.

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Seems like concerts these days should come with a “Babala: nakamamatay” tag: a man was fatally shot and three others were wounded during T.I.’s concert in New York City on May 25. Yikes!

Amber Heard has filed for divorce from Johnny Depp, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Hopefully their marriage was fun while it lasted.

For some reason, there are actually people out there who identify as dogs and do “puppy play,” which consists of dressing up in dog couture and performing canine actions like barking and performing for treats. As much as we’d love to accept them as they are, you gotta admit, this one’s a  pretty weird fetish.

The official teaser trailer for the live-action Beauty and the Beast is out, and though princessy fairy tales aren’t really our thing, we’d be willing to let our girlfriends drag us to see this one. It helps that Emma Watson’s here, too!

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Can you imagine just how fun work can be if you could bring your dog to the office? Apparently, 20 percent of US companies are now pet-friendly, and it’s a trend spreading to Latin America and Europe. That’s our dream here, too!

So Warner Bros. apparently test-screened Suicide Squad last May 9, and the lucky few who got to see it were spouting nothing but good reviews. As if we weren’t excited for the film already!

Is “12345” one of your passwords? Bad news: Microsoft is banning that, as well as other “worst passwords” like “password” and “qwerty,” to make life more difficult for hackers. Oh well, it’s time for a password change anyway!

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Are wingmen actually efficient? Good news: They do work, and science has proven it, based on general animal behavioral patterns. Time to find a trusty wingman!

South Korea has come up with anti-hangover ice cream, and we’ve never wanted anything Korean to land in the Philippines so badly. It’s a grapefruit-flavored concoction with “0.7 percent oriental raisin tree fruit juice,” which has been traditionally proven to kill hangovers. Sounds yummy!

In gory news for today, a 38-year-old Thai man was simply going about his business in the bathroom when a goddamn python BIT HIS FUCKING PENIS. He managed to get the snake off, but not after making a bloody mess in the bathroom. Lesson learned, boys.

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You can only wish your graduation speaker was as cool as The SimpsonsHank Azaria, who delivered advice to the precocious graduates of Tufts University speaking in the voices of some of his most iconic characters. Definitely worth a watch!

In case you missed it, Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain bro’d out in Hanoi over cheap pho and cold beer in what is probably the Vietnamese equivalent of Tapsi Ni Vivian. Why can’t we have Obama eating at a carinderia during his visit here in Manila?

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Images via (Tyrion GIF), Microsoft (password), Anthony Bourdain (Obama and Bourdain)

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