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Bella Hadid's Super High Slit Dress, The Beer Pizza, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week

Time for your weekly dose of man knowledge, gents!
by Mars Salazar | May 21, 2016
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Glamorous babes, interesting trivia, and showbiz news await you in this week's edition! Read on and be the most informed man in your clique!

Margot Robbie’s spoof of American Psycho’s famous opening vanity scene is a hilarious must-watch. Check it out, if only to see the fine Ms. Robbie taking a shower.

Senate #MayTwinsiwin Sherwin Gatchalian and Joel Villanueva finally have a photo together! They really do look alike, huh?

Would you believe that this gorgeous perfect 10 of a babe is six months pregnant? Trust us, we can’t believe it either.

There were so many hot babes at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, but none quite as hot as the ever lovely Bella Hadid, who sizzled on the red carpet in a revealing red gown with a slit that went all the way up to her hip.

Why have pizza with your beer when you can have pizza in your beer? That’s right: Pizza Hut UK has come up with a pizza base with craft beer dough, and it sounds like something right up our alley. Pinoy pizza-makers, take note!


Have you seen this brick wall optical illusion? We were so puzzled by this at first, until we took a closer look at the tiny grey “stone” sandwiched in between the layers of brick. Just take a long, hard look...maybe after a yosi break. (Got our clue?)

As the 2016 Olympics is still pushing through in Brazil despite the country’s Zika-infested state, teams all over the world are coming up with ways to fend off the virus. The Australian Olympic team’s approach is quite genius: They’ll be provided with “Zika-proof” condoms that will allow players to bang worry-free during their stay in South America.

Great news for social media addicts: Twitter will soon stop counting photos and links as part of its character limit for tweets, allowing users to compose more verbose messages without resorting to jeje-speak. Now, if only we can block spam profiles, that will be great.

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Jason Momoa may be filling in Aquaman’s tights soon, but he’s clearly still not over being Khal Drogo. Just check out his Instagram post of Daenerys’ nude scene in the latest episode of Game of Thrones:

Just as we can’t imagine anyone else aside from Daniel Craig playing James Bond, the Spectre actor is now walking away from the film franchise despite the gobs of cold, hard cash thrown at him. Who do you think would be a worthy successor?

Think your job’s paying well? Argentinian twins Nadia and Dana Bruna are raking in $30,000 a month just for flaunting their supersized retokado butts on Instagram. So...where has your college degree taken you, hmm?


Check out this supposed leaked image of the iPhone 7. We gotta say, it doesn’t look astoundingly cutting-edge. Then again, there are rumors about Apple losing the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of headphones that you can plug in the Lightning port—something we won’t be surprised about if it does turn out to be true.

Have you ever thought about how much time you’ll spend in your life having sex? The answer is surprisingly depressing: 117 days on average. That’s not even half a year, or even one percent of your total lifespan! We have a question though: Does masturbation count?

Want to hear “Wonderwall” live again? Good news: Noel Gallagher and company will reunite for the measly sum of £20 million for one gig. Should we start a Kickstarter page?

Nike and Starbucks have collaborated for a special coffee-themed SB Dunk Low in a brown and green colorway. If you have loved ones abroad, you can make them get the kicks for you for just $100. Now, if these shoes smell like coffee too, that’ll be cool.


Images via (pizza infused beer and brick wall optical illusion), (Zika-proof condom), (Jason Momoa/Aquaman), (Daniel Craig), (iPhone 7), (Oasis), (Nike Starbuck Dunk Low) and GIF via

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