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James Reid's Pretty Sister, Cranston As Zordon, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week

Plus: Bella Thorne’s tiny bikini and that other 'Star Wars' film
by Mars Salazar | Jun 26, 2016
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Time for your weekly dose of man knowledge, gents!

We’ve got the latest scoop on your favorite celebs, TV shows, and upcoming movies, as well as a healthy smattering of adorable women. Read on, bros!

Did you know that James Reid has a younger sister named Lauren, and that she’s very cute? Check out her Instagram for some much-needed eye candy:

There’s a Superman virtual reality roller coaster in the USA, perfect for those with lead-lined tummies who don’t get sick at the slightest lurch. Would you ride this, bros?

Another week, another Emily Ratajowski post: This time with her equally hot momma, who can give a lot of girls half her age a run for their money. Now we know where EmRata got her stunning looks from!

Everytime we look at Bella Thorne’s Instagram account, we tend to forget that she’s just 18. Case in point: This sizzling photo shoot which has her posing in a teeny tiny bikini.

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We’re big fans of the Chris Pratt-Anna Faris power couple. They’re just so damn adorable, with Anna letting Chris practice his wrestling moves on her. Spot Starlord’s very subtle boob grab! #goals


Have you ever wondered how porn stars came up with their names? Here are some of their answers:

Dave Grohl has always been one of our idols, and we love him even more after hearing this hilarious story of how he was so stoned, he almost forgot how to play guitar while in the presence of both Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift. Story time with Dave below!

Is your least favorite person in the universe a Game of Thrones fan? Do a Ramsay Bolton (may he rest in pieces) and check out! This evil service anonymously sends spoilers to your unsuspecting enemy after each new episode airs, and is guaranteed to cause lasting distress. The catch: at $0.99 USD, it’s a bit pricey, but maybe we can start our very own Philippine version!

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Speaking of GoT, Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) will all reportedly get paid more than $500,000 PER EPISODE come Season 7. No word if this pay raise corresponds to an increased chance of making it out of the season alive...

You know what can possibly be better than Jalapeno Cheetos? Mac ‘n Cheetos, which—you guessed it—combines mac ‘n cheese and Cheetos to make the most sinful snack you could ever imagine. Sadly, it’s only available in Burger King branches across the USA, so if you’re there, ikain niyo nalang kami!

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We don’t know much about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story yet, but we now are pretty sure of one thing: Darth Vader is gonna be there. We can’t wait to see this one!

Time for some cool space news: We have a mini-Moon! Scientists have just spotted 2016 HO3, an asteroid that has been looping around us for about several years and for a few more centuries to come, making it a quasi-satellite. At less than 100 meters, it’s not exactly habitable, but hey, it’s still nice to know that we have a baby moon with us!

Bryan Cranston will be starring in the new Power Rangers movie! No, he’s not gonna be one of the rangers, but the Breaking Bad star will be the mighty Zordon, the large blue floating head that served as a mentor to the teens.

We’re suckers for everything related to Suicide Squadit looks like it’s gonna be a blast, and we can’t be more excited for it even if we tried. Now there’s a teaser of the movie’s soundtrack, and we spot some Queen, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, and Radiohead. We’re calling it: This movie’s gonna be so awesome.

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Dogs are the best creatures—they’re friendly shmucks who can brighten anyone’s day, help disabled people, sniff out drugs, and now they can sniff out porn as well! No, they can’t literally smell nudie pics, but they can detect substances found in electrical components, making them a godsend for tech-related crimes, including illegal porn.


Photo via (Game of Thrones app); (Game of Thrones); (Mac 'n Cheetos); (Rogue One: A Star Wars); (Porn sniffing dog)

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