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Lang Leav's Poem For Maine Mendoza, A Mercedes-Maybach Concept, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week

Plus: the gorgeous twin Brazilian swimmers, Drake performs with Eminem, and we introduce you to the Iron Nun
by Mars Salazar | Aug 20, 2016
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It’s that time of the week again, gentlemen!

We’ve got details on Kanye West’s stores, some solid career-building advice (or something like that), Olympic perks, and a really gorgeous automobile, all lovingly crammed in this week’s edition of 15 Things.

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Best-selling poet Lang Leav has come out with a poem for Maine Mendoza! It’s called “Stars in Love,” and it’s included in Lang’s latest book, The Universe of Us. A must-buy for Aldub fans!

Eric Clapton: Grammy award-winning musician, legendary guitarist, and...record-breaking fisherman? You read that right: The “Wonderful Tonight” singer recently reeled in a fish so big, it broke the record for the biggest salmon caught in Iceland for 2016. He better celebrate with some sashimi!

If you’re dreaming of becoming the next Bill Gates, you should take a page from his book and check out his recommended reads. Some Gates-approved titles include Evan Thomas’ Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words, David Brooks’ The Road to Character, and Joe Studwell’s How Asia Works. If it’s good enough for Tito Bill, it’s good enough for us!



On the other hand, if you’re dreaming of becoming the next James Deen, a NSFW Reddit thread has listed down what it takes to become a male pornstar. Aside from having an “above average” dick, you’re also required to “get hard very quickly with little to no stimulation,” “be able to cum on command,” and “you shouldn’t have a problem with doing stuff that might seem gay to most men.” Erm, we’ll stick to our 9 to 5 job, thanks!

Are you one of those dudes who really love talking about your #gains online? Bad news: science says you might just be a narcissist. Psychologists at Brunel University have concluded that narcissists “use Facebook to broadcast the effort they put into their physical appearance,” hence the need for regular social media updates. Do you agree?

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The folks who went to Drake’s Summer Sixteen concert in Detroit definitely got their money’s worth after the “Hotling Bling” rapper got the one and only Eminem to perform “Forever” with him onstage. Drake later posted a fanboy pic with Eminem on Instagram, calling Slim Shady “The GOAT.” That’s the kind of bromance we dig.

Taylor Swift might have dumped Calvin Harris for Tom Hiddleston, but the Scottish DJ’s gotten the last laugh: Forbes has deemed Harris the highest-paid DJ in the world for the fourth consecutive year, raking in a cool $63 million for 2016 alone. Not bad!

Sister Madonna Buder, who stars in Nike’s new “Unlimited Youth” ad, should be your top fitspiration. The 86-year-old nun occupies herself by running, swimming, and cycling, and she’s done a whopping 45 Ironman triathlons in her lifetime. Keep doing your thing, Iron Nun!

Being a top athlete means getting loads of sports swag, and Olympians are no exception. Just check out the Team USA goodies Nike sent the American swim team. There’s heaps of apparel, cool accessories, and some really sweet kicks. You think it’s too late for a career change?

Aside from spectacular swag, a lot of medalists also get cash bonuses. Singapore takes the lead here, dishing a whopping $753,000 for a gold medal in the Rio Olympics (Joseph Schooling, you are one lucky son of Poseidon). Germany, meanwhile, gives medalists a lifetime supply of beer in addition to up to $20,000 in cash bonuses. Poor Andy Murray, on the other hand, will only get a pat on the back from Great Britain for his tennis golds.


You know what’s better than one gorgeous Brazilian swimmer? Two gorgeous Brazilian swimmers. Meet Bia and Branca Feres, identical twins competing in the Rio Olympics’ synchronized swimming event. They also may or may not be part-time mermaids. Go Brazil!

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Prontas pra torcer! ???????????????????????? @duetodudaeluisa #eusouTimeBrasil #agoraéBRA #olimpiadas #rio2016 #olympictwins

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Looking for some Yeezus goods? Kanye West has opened 21 The Life of Pablo pop-up shops across the globe this weekend so us mere mortals can get our hands on blessed Yeezy swag. The nearest one is in Singapore, so if you’re there this weekend, don’t miss it!

Here’s why the all-electric Mercedes-Maybach S600 deserves the top spot on your dream car list: It’s energy-efficient and environment-friendly, it can go from 0 to 62 in miles per hour in under four seconds, and it looks so damn sexy. We’re in love.

Frank Ocean has finally released his new album, and he’s giving Beyoncé a run for her money by hopping on the surprise visual album bandwagon. The album, titled “Endless,” contains 18 songs, plays for 45 minutes, and is now available on iTunes.

Here’s a ridiculously easy way to up your Tinder game: Use GIFs. "Instead of searching for the ultimate opening line, sending a GIF lets you show your personality and sense of humor," says sociologist Dr. Jess Carbino, who adds that you’re 30 percent more likely to get a reply if you start a convo with a GIF. Masubukan nga!


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