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17 Amazing Cover Girl Quotes And How They Can Help You Get Through Life

You might want to take note, gents!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 1, 2017
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This month is very significant for us here at FHM HQ—it's our 17th anniversary, which marks the publication's 200th issue as well, featuring the ageless Ina Raymundo on the cover.

Today, we blow the dust off of our old, worn-down FHM collection and look back at each of the cover girls we've featured.

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Aside from their captivating beauty, these Pinay bombshells have a lot of inspiring insights to share with everyone, which is probably what makes them more irresistible.

Below, we compiled 17 of the most helpful quotes from our cover girls through the years, which dole out advice about love, sex, career, and everything else in between.

On satisfying your partner through proper bedroom etiquette:

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“I want it slow and I want the foreplay to last for a while. It’s okay to go fast when you’re near the finish line. But you have to take a long while to get there.” —Aubrey Miles, September 2002

On preparing for a night of lovemaking by talking her up:

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“I like it when there is a conversation. It has to be stimulating physically but mentally as well.”—Angelu De Leon, August 2003

On being quiet when it counts:

Ayoko ng masyadong maingay. Mas sinasavor ko yung moments na tahimik. Mas explosive ang dating pag ganon.—Eula Valdez, May 2006

On the greatest love of all: 

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“Learn to respect yourself. And it’s true na dapat talagang mahalin mo muna ang sarili mo. Kung hindi, magmumukha ka lang tanga sa relationship kasi okay ka lang ng okay sa lahat ng gusto niyang gawin.” —Angelica Panganiban, March 2007

On having an ace sense of health and wellness:

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Disiplina lang talaga yung kailangan. I sleep a lot when I have time, I pamper my skin, I eat a balanced diet. And when you say diet, it has to be with discipline talaga, hindi lang yung crash diet or magda-diet pills.” —Rufa Mae Quinto, February 2010

On geeky being the new sexy:

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“Geeks can be very sexy.” —Bela Padilla, March 2012

On taking the proper course when it comes to romance:

Gusto ko yung kikilalanin niya ako. Ayaw ko nung, ‘O tayo na.’ It has to be done step-by-step. First, since we really don’t know each other, we need to start out as friends. And then, maybe best friends. Then who knows he might turn into a special friend or boyfriend.” —Ryza Cenon, May 2013

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On the importance of staying connected with your family and friends:

“Always keep your friends and of course, your family. Kasi kahit anong mangyari, kahit iwan ka ng lahat ng tao, they will never leave you. Sila yung parating nandyan para sa’yo, tutulungan ka nila, mamahalin ka nila, and hindi ka talaga nila iiwan.” —Jennylyn Mercado, June 2013

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On never settling for less when it comes to yourself:

“You should never stop improving. Never think na ‘Ito na yun.’ Always find ways to reinvent yourself.” —Andrea Torres, December 2014

On never giving out sloppy, wet kisses:

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“If it comes from the heart when you kiss, that’s all that matters, that’s what makes it good.” —Max Collins, March 2015

On keeping your armpits fresh and clean:

“If a guy smells good, it’s easier for me to like him. It draws me closer, it makes me want to be more intimate.”—Patricia Javier, April 2015

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On the benefits of self-reflection:

“When you’re young you tend to listen more to the people around you with regard to your body. I’ve realized that, even if you follow somebody else’s advice on what you should look like, then you’ll have to look in the mirror every day and be sad because everyone else wins and you lose.” —Rhian Ramos, July 2016

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On being positive when it comes to marriage:

“Marriage shouldn’t be a burden in your life. It should be something that’s personal, spiritual, and legal.”—Solenn Heussaff, August 2016

On knowing what you want:

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“The first and only reason why you should strive to be fit, or healthy, or vain, or sexy is because you want it for yourself. Not for anyone else, not for what they say, or for what they want you to do but for yourself.”—Jessy Mendiola, September 2016

On being wise when it comes to dealing with Cupid:

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“Love is an amazing feeling, but at some point it becomes a choice. I would use my heart and be smart about it.” —Lovi Poe, October 2016

On embracing the brighter side of life:

“There’s really no point dwelling on the bad stuff. Negativity is always around you and people will try to bring you down. I’ve learned that everything is going to be okay.”—Ellen Adarna, December 2016

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And finally (and probably the most important lesson here), on dealing with trolls:

“Whatever you choose to do, may mga taong mag-a-attack sa’yo. Dapat matibay ang apog mo.” —Kim Domingo, January 2017 

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