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Let These Gorgeous Travel Bloggers Help Feed Your Wanderlust

Follow them them RN and learn how to explore like a pro
by Mars Salazar | Sep 8, 2017
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We all have a list of places we’d love to visit one day, from Batanes and Siargao, to Paris or Peru. We found some fine ladies who have been to some (if not all) of them, and they’ve got that enviable Instagram feed to prove it. Find out who they are below, and take to heart their top travel tips before hitting the “follow” button:

1) Patricia Averilla

Instagram Handle: @avelovin
Followers: 74.8k
Posts: 1,148

Travel tip:

“I create travel vlogs knowing that it would encourage more people to not be afraid to be out there. Be curious! Explore new places and embrace new cultures. Face your fears and don't underestimate your courage. “

2) Cha Ocampo

Instagram Handle: @chaocampo
Followers: 110k
Posts: 1,559

Travel tip:

“Optimism is a happy magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you!” 

3) Trisha Velarmino 

Instagram Handle: @psimonmyway
Followers: 31.1k
Posts: 631

Travel tip:

“Make sure to get [travel insurance] coverage that fits the type of traveler that you are. For example, Digital Nomads need to include their gadgets in their travel insurance. Choose something that you can maximize. [And] always include delayed/cancelled flight coverage in your travel insurance.”

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4) Kimi Juan

Instagram Handle: @kimijuan
Followers: 120k
Posts: 602

Travel tip:

“Don't forget to get off your phone and take a look around, there is so much beauty in this world, found in the simple things!"

5) Gay Mitra Emami

Instagram Handle: @pinaytraveljunkie
Followers: 15.4k
Posts: 1,462

Travel tip:

“If you’re an active, sporty person, enrolling in one of the many available ski instructor courses or becoming a certified scuba diving instructor could see you make a fantastic living while still having plenty of time to explore this beautiful planet. Activity vacations have never been more popular, so you really could do very well from teaching other people the skills you yourself have learned [during] your travels.”

6) Vern and Verniece Enciso

Instagram Handle: @vernenciso (Vern) / @verniecenciso (Verniece)
Followers: 256k (Vern) / 274k (Verniece)
Posts: 2,188 (Vern) / 3,484 (Verniece)

Travel tip:

"Get off your phone when touring! Take as much pictures as you please and maybe post it on your social media once in a while, but enjoy the scenery and what’s in front of you. Stop checking Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to see what other people are doing because what matters now is what YOU’RE doing!”

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7) Aileen Adalid 

Instagram Handle: @i_am_aileen

Travel tip:

“I initially ignored the benefits that earplugs could bring. But once, I was given some during a flight and I thought: why not try it out? Oh goodness gracious, it was heaven sent! It really cancelled out unnecessary noises— crying babies, snoring seat mates and more.”

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