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7 Reasons why Emma Stone is the new Megan Fox

<p>Like you need reasons</p>
| Nov 18, 2010
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Don’t get us wrong, Megan Fox is still sizzling hot and we wouldn’t mind her throwing us a bone any day.

But we here at FHM like our women in a variety of packages.

Though brunettes with sexy lips and a smoking body weaken our balut-intensified knees, a new brand of sexy has arrived.

She’s in the form of a doe-eyed redhead with penchant for quirky comedies.

Gentlemen, you all know Emma Stone.

She stars as Olive in the new comedy Easy A, a modernized comedy version of the Nathaniel Hawthorne classic The Scarlet Letter.

 In the film Olive tells a lie about her virginity that leads to catastrophic hilarity proving that the grapevine can definitely be a source of infamy.

With the concept of sexy constantly changing and with the rise of “geek” as the new sexy, Emma Stone is obviously the new poster girl for America’s sweetheart: A chick you can hang with, looks good in a bikini, unpretentious, awesome.

It’s hard to believe you aren’t convinced just yet. But in case of grave emergency, here are 7 reasons why we think Emma Stone is the babe to watch for.

1.    She’s naturally beautiful. A face like that is rare, what with young Hollywood prancing around town with fake noses and face-lifts. At the very least, as far as blogs go, Emma Stone is untouched. Fresh and a far cry from your everyday starlet, Ms. Stone’s smile can warm up even the Antarctic region.

2.    Her killer bod! There’s a scene from the movie House Bunny where Emma Stone’s character is used as a virgin sacrifice for a sorority mixer. Forget the elaborate, sappy plot; check out her out in that two-piece!

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