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Why Travel Blogger Cha Ocampo Is One Of The Virtual Talks Of The Town

You'll want to go on a trip with this beguiling influencer
by Karen de Vera | Jul 14, 2017
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Everyone thinks that vlogging for a living consists of coasting easy through life getting paid to take year-long vacations and posting beach pictures of yourself on social media. But as almost all seemingly glamorous lifestyles, this dream job has its unrecognized downsides as well. Vloggers can be an easy target for criticism due to how much of their lives they put out on social media. Getting trolled, reading hurtful personal comments, and striving to remain relevant despite the overwhelming amount of competition out there isn’t a lifestyle many people can handle. Good thing Cha Ocampo has no problem getting people’s attention (even when she doesn’t mean to) and has enough patience to stay classy despite the drama that comes with her job. Get to know why she’s the virtual talk of the town.

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How did you start travel blogging?

I started blogging about fashion but then natuwa ako traveling with friends and magsulat about the places na napuntahan ko. Super hilig ko kasi mag-lakwatsa na parang Dora The Explorer. Naging main goal ko malibot ang buong Pilipinas. Nakaka-cure ng soul [ang traveling], ito yung way of relaxing [ko] so it’s like work and fun at the same time.

When did you turn it into a career?

Sobrang unexpected niya din at hindi ko inaakala. I didn’t know na pwede ko siyang gawing work as well. Sumama ako with Out of Town blog because they invited me to feature a hotel with them. After that, hotels and airlines started emailing me and tuloy-tuloy na akong nagkaroon ng projects.

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What do you think made your blog so popular?

Kasi personal yung mga stories ko [I guess]. Naging interesting siya for people kasi nakikita nila ang journey ko at kung gaano ako ka-passionate sa traveling. And feeling ko yung kaka-post ko ng mga photos na mukhang goals. Like, “ang ganda ng photo niya! Uy, goals. Gawin natin.” Syempre, hahanapin nila kung saan yung lugar. I share things about the place that I feel most people aren’t exposed to yet. For example, Boracay seems like the typically crowded place pero di nila alam na meron palang part na pwede nila i-explore doon.


You often mention the term 'goals' when talking about your travel posts. Do you think that it’s possible for your audience to reach these goals themselves?

Well actually, yung mga pino-post ko achievable siya talaga. Minsan kasi, may nagta-tag sa akin na mga followers [na sinasabi,] “O, nakarating ako rito.” So, nagiging bucket list nila yung mga nagawa ko na.

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What’s the wildest outdoor activity you’ve ever done?

Ang dami kong extreme adventures! Sa Coron [Palawan], pwede ka mag-jump [and go] cliff diving. Pinakamataas na cliff na tinalon ko mga 30 feet above. Medyo overachiever and athletic ako so sige kahit ano pang [extreme sport] yan. I’m always up for a new adventure. Lagi ako nasa labas swimming and hiking. Dati insecure ako [about my body] at pinipilit ko maging stick thin. But now I’m confident, healthy, and proud of my body na medyo curvy. At least I have an ass and a nice pair of boobs, ha ha!

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Any suggestions where should we go on our next vacation?

I highly suggest you visit these places: 

Coron, Palawan - Pupunta ka sa lagoons and caves tapos hiking pataas that's more than 40-50 feet deep. Then, have lunch in the middle of the lake.

Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol - Makikita mo yung mga dolphins [na lumalangoy sa dagat]. Grabe, OA yung calmness ng water, kahit nasa boat ka hindi siya aalog masyado.

Boracay - [There are more secluded beaches] like Ilig Iligan and Bulabog. Sobrang relaxing doon at pang-kitesurfing and windsurfing siya.

What are some of your essential equipment whenever you travel?

I have separate cameras and SD cards for blogging and vlogging. And GoPro para mas mapakita ko yung scenery underwater. I use my iPhone 7 as a spare video recorder in case my camera's lowbatt. When it comes to editing, I edit on-the-go using the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app.

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Any advice to those planning to be a pro travel blogger and vlogger like you?

Don't forget to post fresh content on a regular basis. Also, level up your photography game so you can post eye-catching pics that capture the attention of a fickle online crowd. Dapat maganda ang mga photos kasi syempre, yung iba naman hindi nagbabasa so dapat ma-curious sila [sa unang tingin pa lang sa post mo]. 

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To read the full story, grab a copy of the July 2017 issue of FHM Philippines.
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Photography Kevin Cayuca


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