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Airbnb, Uber, And 8 Other Companies With Unintentionally Funny Logos

One looks like a woman's privates!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 4, 2016
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Popular rent and lodging website Airbnb and mobile ride-sharing company Uber both recently decided to give their corporate logos a facelift. And now, people are having fun with it.

In the former's case, a ton of parodies has popped up, some of them of the NSFW kind.

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As for Uber, social media is having a bit of a guessing game on what its new logo really means.

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Gizmodo then bravely went ahead and said what many of us were really thinking: It looks like an asshole.

So yeah, both companies may have not gotten the response they wanted. On the flipside, the publicity they're getting is undeniable.

However, Airbnb and Uber are not the only tech companies which have or had WTF-worthy logos. Below are a couple more (and it only takes one look to see what we mean).

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The Computer Doctors, a PC repair and retail store in the US, now has a different logo, for good reason a.k.a. their previous logo:

Polish satellite TV company Mont-Sat is still using its thought-provoking logo:


In the grand scheme of corporate logo fails though, a whole lot of other companies from other industries have had the same predicament.

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Mama's Baking, a bakery in Greece, has a logo which reminds us of a woman in heat.

The now-defunct video-rental store MegaFlicks' logo is another prime example. Blame the font!

Brazil's Federal University of Santa Catarina's Institute of Oriental Studies wanted an oriental look for their logo. Needless to say, the outcome was a bit different.

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Japan's Kudawara Pharmacy is no longer in business, but their visual branding will remain in our hearts and minds forever.

Clinica Dental San Marcelino in Spain makes us think they offer other services...

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Italy's A-Style Clothing has a rather kinky logo. But here's the thing: The company intended it that way. This is no mistake. The joke's on us!

In any case, it certainly pays to have an expert design your business' corporate graphics.


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