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Remembering Andi Eigenmann's Sexiest Showbiz Moments

The former FHM cover girl takes a break from the spotlight
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 4, 2017
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Andi Eigenmann has decided to quit showbiz to be a full-time mom to her daughter Ellie.

The FHM May 2016 cover girl revealed her decision through an Instagram comment, after a netizen accused her of being a snob.

“First of all, I don’t snob people who acknowledge me. I do, however, politely tell off people who are rude. How can you even say that if you have no idea who I even am?” the actress said.

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She adds: “Second, if I wanted the life I had in the past, I wouldn’t have left showbiz. So go figure. But me wanting to be a full time mom, and to live my life sooo far away from the spotlight (away from the city, even), doesn’t also result to your accusations being anywhere true. Ma'am, FYI, FAME IS NOT THE SOLUTION.”

Andi also shared that she has no regrets, and is in fact, even happy leaving the showbiz life. “I left because I was not happy. And yes! It will never be the same. But I wouldn’t trade this simple life for anything else because I have never been happier.”

The FHM muse was last seen in ABS-CBN’s The Greatest Love, which ended April this year.

Now, Andi is busy sharing her travels and her “mermaid wanders” through her Instragram account. She is usually accompanied by her daughter and boyfriend, Emilio Arambulo.

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Andi has always been a free spirit, so her decision to leave the stressful showbiz life is not a surprise at all. In our  interview with her last May, the 27-year-old actress admits “I may come off a certain way in media, but in real life, I’m a very shy person.”

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“I never was really sure about doing mainstream from the beginning. And now that I know myself better, I know what I want for myself,” she shared.

Andi may leave the limelight, but her contributions will never be forgotten. In line with that, let’s take a look back on some of Andi’s most memorable showbiz moments.

Her underwater scenes for Agua Bendita

Her feisty roles in Viva Films’ A Secret Affair (2012) and Your Place Or Mine? (2015)

Remember the block-buster Camp Sawi (2016) where she played the gutsy Clarisse?

Of course, there’s also her first indie film gig for the internationally-acclaimed movie Ma’ Rosa (2016)

But her sexiest showbiz moment for us was when she finally graced the magazine’s double cover in May of last year.

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“Appearing in FHM is one of the risks I want to take. Look at this as a kind of pre-celebration of my 10th year in showbiz,” Andi said.

 Here are some of her most most notable quotes from the interview:

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