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Angel Locsin Is Back As Red-Hot Bikini-Clad Superhero Darna

The role was hers all along
by Khatrina Bonagua | Sep 9, 2016
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Beloved FHM icon Angel Locsin will resume sky-patrolling and fighting evil madmen duties as Darna in the Erik Matti-helmed movie slated for a 2017 release, according to a Pilipino Star Ngayon report.

The two-time Philippines' Finest has always been the top choice to play the legendary Pinoy superhero, but a bulging disc in her spinal cord had forced Angel to back out from the movie.

Recently 100 percent injury-free, the actress has expressed eagerness to headline the part again. Then this photo, posted six weeks ago, happened.

Angel, who had once played Darna in GMA-7's 2005 series, will find no trouble kicking sinister ass again as she's back to being her usual well-conditioned self.


In celebration of her return as Darna. We revisit the time when Angel made primetime TV smokin' hot 11 years ago.

Remember her transformation scene?

How 'bout that time when we were blessed with two FHM Sexiest Women, Angel and Katrina Halili on screen?

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Better yet, make that two Katrinas:

Then there's Darna casually riding the train...

And damn, that moment when she kissed Dennis Trillo.

And, of course, this LSS-inducing music video.

Obviously, we can't wait to see this woman on the big screen. But we'll gladly settle for these GIFS while waiting...

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