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Ann Mateo Introduces Us To The #JuicyWiggleChallenge

Seriously, though, who comes up with these?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 29, 2016
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Social media challenges are like fashion.

Both have trends that come and go, after majority of the populace jumps on the bandwagon and harbor a sense of belonging—with some even failing miserably (read: fashion faux pas).


Though like any online fad or article of clothing, when celebrities do or wear a certain craze, it is considered acceptable just because they would look good, no matter what.

Same goes for #JuicyWiggleChallenge—derived from Redfoo's year-old single—which is now making its way to the online consciousness like its predecessors "The Running Man" and "Trumpets."

Out to prove our earlier point, FHM regular and Trumpets late bloomer Ann Mateo made sure she gets first dibs on introducing us to this new dance challenge ...and sure enough, we're not complaining one bit.


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