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Any Of These Versions Of Arci Muñoz Can Be FHM's Sexiest Woman

Calling her a 'multi-hyphenate' would be an understatement
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 30, 2016
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We've done almost everything to bring up the idea of Arci Muñoz gracing our cover.

1. Kept tabs on her sizzling ASAP appearances
2. Followed her every move as Ginebra calendar girl and endorser
3. Unabashedly stalked her Instagram account and quickly took notice of her vacation snaps
4. Made palakas with her equally smoking sister
5. Outright asked her at a recent event

The closest thing we've come to bring Arci into the fold though, aside from our countless efforts to get noticed, is include her among this year's 100 Sexiest Women in the World candidates.

From there, her million-strong fanbase gets the chance to propel her to the top of the Sexiest list, wherein thousands of Filipinos stake their claim as the finest in the land.


Arci, for her part, has almost nothing left to prove that she deserves a spot in there, especially with 2015 easily the year she came out of her shell and fully flaunted her sexiness. We know we weren't the only ones who kept our eyes glued to Pasion de Amor...

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Aside from her showbiz career, Arci also got busy with other endeavors. She has become quite the multi-faceted celebrity, whose many talents have been equally impressive. In fact, all of these versions of Arci below could place (high) in our annual sexiest index:

Arci the racecar driver

And she isn't mere racing eye candy, mind you, having been part of this year's Toyota Vios Cup.

Arci the mowdel

Many tend to forget that she represented the country at the Asia Supermodel Competition back in 2008.

Arci the rock goddess

She transforms into a whole new person when she takes the stage and grabs the mic as metal band Philia's frontwoman.

Arci the up-and-coming actress

...who also made possible this primetime-friendly "threesome."

And hopefully, Arci the FHM Cover Girl

Only time will tell...

In the meantime, you can bolster Arci's case for FHM's Sexiest Woman by simply clicking here!


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