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The Hottest Babe Groups To Ever Grace The Cover Of FHM

The more the merrier
by Khatrina Bonagua | Mar 5, 2017
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Sometimes, when we're feeling a bit generous, FHM gives you more than just one cover girl to ogle. Fearturing a bevy of babes delivers maximum output. More ladies also means more gorgeous forms to appreciate, more personalities to discover, and ultimately, you, our dear readers, get more bang for your buck. This strategy has spawned a number of iconic images, like the infamous Tutti Frutti cover or the classic Viva Hot Babes issue.  

In celebration of our 17th anniversary and 200th issue, let’s take a look back at some of those special covers. Are you ready for a babe overload? 

1) Sexbomb Girls (July 2002)

"TV's hottest dancers are ready to explode!"

2) Viva Hot Babes (January - February 2003)

"Hotties in here!"

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3) Sexbomb Girls (March 2004)

"They're back and there's more in their arsenal!"

4) AXE Dream Girls (March 2005)

"They're willing to blow P.5 million on a date with you!"

5) Showgirls (August 2005)

"All hail the amazing Showgirls!"

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6) EB Babes (April 2007)

"Take cover! The EB Babes are all set to explode!"


7) Kitty Girls (December 2007)

"Your new favorite babe group is wilder and more ferocious!"

8) Jacq Yu, Gail Nicolas, Cherry Ann Kubota, Precious Adona, and Joyce So (November 2008)

"Special collectors blowout!"


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9) Viva Hot Babes Katya Santos, Maui Taylor, and Andrea Del Rosario (February 2009)

"Who says their salad days are over?"

10) Banana Nite Girls Sunshine Garcia, Aiko Climaco, and Jef Gaitan (January 2014)

"Baby blue!"

11) Danielle Castaño, Cindy Miranda, and Queenie Rehman (October 2015)

"A beauty queen explosion!"

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