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These Sultry Stars Are Slaying The 'Baby Giraffe' Pose On IG

Baby Shark, who?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Sep 28, 2018
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Uploading pictures on Instagram is proving to be a challenge for some of our favorite celebrities. Now, you can't just simply upload a selfie or OOTD shot with bad lighting—you need to exert a little effort into it (and be creative, too!). Aside from garnering those likes, stars don’t want to mess up their artsy grids, right?

Good thing, a lot of new Instagram poses have been trending recently to help our ladies out. We’ve seen snaps of nudefies, Barbie feet, and the bathleisure trend conquering social media (click this link to know what we're talking about). And now, the Baby Giraffe pose is poised for virality. 

According to Eva Chen, Instagram's director of fashion partnerships, the Baby Giraffe pose is designed to make one's legs look long in photos. All you have to do is “stand with one leg in front of the other while sticking your butt out behind you.”

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It sounds simple enough. And maybe that's why some of our favorite celebrities have been giving it a shot. Below are some of the hottest takes on this sultry pose:

Glaiza De Castro

Seems like Glaiza and the Baby Giraffe pose are meant to be.

Ina Feleo


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After-gym mirror selfies have never looked this good.

Joyce Pring


Continue bringing joy to our world, Ms. Pring!

Klea Pineda


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Klea’s killing this pose for sure!

Liezel Lopez


We’ll never be absent if Liezel’s our classmate.

Lovi Poe


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Lovin' this one, Lovi!

Rhian Ramos


Now that’s how you properly stretch those shapely gams.

Roxanne Barcelo


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Stay gold (and glowing!), Rox!

Sanya Lopez


We’re suddenly craving Vitamin Sea, too, Sanya.

Shy Carlos


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Paradise found… and it’s with this one.

Sue Ramirez

That Baby Giraffe pose and sexy stretch tho!

Winwyn Marquez


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Our Primera Filipina Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 always looks like a winner even in pambahay clothes, right?


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