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WTF Are 'Barbie Feet' And Why Is This Sexy Pose Taking Over Instagram?

It's all about barefoot babes with legs for days
by Khatrina Bonagua | Sep 19, 2018
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In case you haven’t noticed, most of our favorite babes have recently been taking off their shoes, pointing their pretty feet, all while posing for the ‘gram.

Why? Well, they are doing it to show their Barbie Feet, the latest sexy pose that’s taking over Instagram.

According to Who What Wear UK, Barbie Feet is a technique that’s being done by celebrities to make their legs look longer. The trend involves pointing one’s feet when sitting or lying down, or tip-toeing when standing up. It was given that name because of the way it resembles a Barbie doll’s feet.

A quick browse through our favorite ladies' Instagram accounts shows that women with pointy toes are all over the place. Below, are some of the sexiest Barbie Feet poses we’ve seen so far.

Barbie Imperial

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Barbie doing the Barbie Feet pose? Yes, please!

Bela Padilla

Bela seems to have mastered the art of the tippy toes.

Coleen Garcia

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We don’t know whether we should focus on Coleen’s Barbie Feet or on her toned abs!

Dawn Chang

Dawn’s tattoo is the perfect accent to this viral pose.

Isabella De Leon

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Those legs (and that pout) tho!

Ivana Alawi

Now, this is what you call (lazy) Sunday’s best!

Jackie Rice

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Extra (Jackie) rice, please!

Jessy Mendiola

We agree, Jessy, hips don’t really lie.

Jinri Park

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Wish we could wake up to this view every morning.

Katrina Halili

You still leave us star struck, Kat.

Klea Pineda

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(Future) Kween Klea FTW!

Roxanne Barcelo

The queen of constant evolution is alluring AF.

Sam Pinto

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Mermaid on the loose!

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