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Bea Benedicto's Insanely Inspiring Nuggets Of Wisdom

Happy 28th, Bea Bee!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Oct 16, 2017
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It's no secret that Bea Benedicto is one of our favorite women

From the time FHM first discovered her comedic talents, we were hooked on the multimedia celebrity—her now-defunct shows (Tanods, Kontrabando), insane workout videos, and other perky ventures are top notch entertainment and the perfect distraction from the hassles of the daily grind.

When she agreed to grace the the pages of FHM's September 2016 issue, the team seized the opportunity of forging a special bond with her. Now, we're just waiting for her to answer the clamor for a long-overdue cover stint. We're waiting, Bea!

Since today is her 28th birthday, we compiled her most honest nuggets of wisdom, pulled from her FHM appearance and recent Instagram posts. Heed these words, gents! Bea knows what she's talking about. 

On biting the bullet:
"I actually fear public speaking, which is ironic because I do that for a living. But for the sake of money, I do it!"

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On hanging with the right crowd: "It's good to be around these four talented guys (Lourd de Veyra, RA Rivera, Jun Sabayton, and Ramon Bautista), who are so smart, so you're forced to be smart as well. Ha ha!"

On not giving a f*ck about what others say: "People telling me I got bigger like it's supposed to hurt my feelings. Excuse me I worked hard for my #babygainz. My goal isn't to become skinny."

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On opening up more: "I'll be super pragmatic about it; I know that my following is like 90 percent boys, so parang, 'Oh sige, kausapin ko na kayo. Eto ako, nagba-vlog ako, i-follow niyo naman ako para hindi ako maging taong-grasa.' Ha ha!"

On handling social media negativity: "People can be cruel sometimes, but if you're lucky, you'd find that you actually have a support group online. I call mine the Bea Bee Defenders. I read comments, sure, but I don't always reply."

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On overcoming adversity: "I grew up with anemia and because of that I always thought I couldn't do any kind of sports. I was brainwashed into thinking that I would always be weaker than everyone, that I would always be fragile. Who knew that one day I'd find my calling in bodybuilding and crossfit, noh?"

On being a rose among thorns (Kontrabando): "Initially, may culture shock, but eventually I've established myself as the equilibrium to balance out all the testosterone."

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